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    super_etecoon Is there anybody here?
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    < COKTOE posted something on super_etecoon's wall:

    I've forgotten how to look at such information.....And I can't seem to figure it how to do now. What the H?

    I'm wondering if it has something to do with my browser? My OS? I know that some members can see the current number of users on the site at any given moment, which I cannot see.

    Yeah, I figured as much. There is nothing on my profile page indicating my member number. I'll bother one of our lovely admins ans see if they might know why that information is invisible to me.

    Where is the member #'s location on the profile page?

    on 11 August 2019

    To my knowledge you are user #23900 as referenced in that URL.

    on 11 August 2019

    Uhp....Right in the URL eh? I know I knew that before, but even ,ore than that, I know I forgot it. Thanks.

    on 13 August 2019

    < Ganoncrotch posted something on super_etecoon's wall:

    thank you kindly for the add on here! Meant it btw with some of your recent posts and thread ideas being cool to get people to come back on here a few times a day to check in.

    Site needs people who come up with ideas like those to get traffic flowing.

    Thanks! I always liked the “say something” thread and was surprised it didn’t exist anymore. Then I found out why. Thanks for pointing that out. Guess I should spend some more quality time reading the forum rules. Haha.

    on 05 August 2019

    No worries, I don't think the mods have any problems with those kinda threads existing, especially with the drop in traffic the site has suffered in the last 2 years, thanks for the name drop in the OP btw of that thread ! Put a silly grin on my face.

    In my experience btw! if you miss something in the rules here, it won't be too long before a mod comes to let you know :D but you do get people like myself trying to be helpful and pointing those things out... or slamming that report button.

    One type of thread that I've seen having great success in other places is a sort of "topic for cool stuff you find on the net" in terms of pictures, youtube videos or just random news stories. The only issue is, this site can get pretty heated at times, where one person might find a story about a man wanting his balls brazzilian'd as being hilarious someone else might find it offensive and not at all funny, not sure could you have such a thread in 2019 where people want to get offended and be offended for other groups or people who are not impacted by jokes / meme's anymore, just for example it was the 10 year anniversary of maddie getting killed by her parents (allegedly) so yeah there was meme's and jokes flying about that... but I don't think mods would ever approve a "expect to be somewhat offended" thread... maybe they would if it drew positive eyes in places?

    Sorry I'm just thinking aloud against your wall!! I'll shup, if you've any ideas on how a thread like that could work would be cool to see or hear.

    on 05 August 2019

    Oh... I seen you asked for a rating for Fantastic Mr Fox and the next user missed it btw, that movie is cussing amazing!

    on 06 August 2019

    Nice! Yeah, I was bummed that it got passed over and couldn't make sense of the post but figured the guy had me on ignore or something and couldn't see my post. I love all Wes Anderson, but Fantastic Mr. Fox stands in a category all by itself. One of the best animated of all time.

    on 06 August 2019

    < kirby007 posted something on super_etecoon's wall:

    Damn it is indeed very low on pixels

    I'll try to find the original. I'm sure I transferred it somewhere or it's still left on one of my old computers.

    on 29 July 2019

    < super_etecoon updated his status:

    Is there anybody here?

    < super_etecoon updated his status:

    The countdown to E3 has begun! Here's hoping to see whatever Retro was working on for the last 5 years.

    And we didn't even get it :(

    on 27 June 2019

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