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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you on current-gen already?


Are you on next-gen?

Yes, I have a PS5 16 14.68%
Yes, I have a XS 26 23.85%
Yes, I have both systems 4 3.67%
I have a next-gen ready PC 20 18.35%
No 43 39.45%

Out of the gen 9 consoles in the poll, I have a Series X.

And stop calling it "next gen". Gen 9 is now current gen, and gen 8 is last gen.

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Pemalite said:

I'm a PC gamer. I am always next-gen ready.
I also got a day 1 launch Xbox Series X... Which the only games I have played on it in the last 6~ months is Call of Duty Cold War, Dragon Age Origins and Minecraft.

JWeinCom said:

Undergoing a career change, so still gaming on a 1080p TV. Considering that I'm not going to see much of a graphics bump, and there's no exclusives, I don't really see a point in upgrading.

If I get a decent summer job, I may treat myself to a 4K TV and would then be tempted to upgrade. But, I'd still probably need something I can't play on PS4/XBox One/Switch to convince me to take the plunge.

You will still see a substantial increase in visual fidelity even on a 1080P panel.

Not enough for me to justify spending 4-500.


I see no reason to buy either a PS5 or an Xbox Series yet, they have no games and if I wanted to play 8th gen consoles games that aren't on Switch I'd just get a cheap PS4 or Xbox One from cash converters.

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Currently only thing "next gen" I have is my PC which running a GeForce 3090. I probably start searching for a PS5 a little bit before Final Fantasy 7 Remake intergrade come out. I completely skip the PS4 version because I wanted to wait for the version actually made for the PS5 before playing it for the first time. No interest in xbox as I really cant think of any game on it that I would not just play on my PC instead.


and why are we still calling the current-gen next-gen?

I sold my PSS4pro as far back as December 2019 or so. It's something I do just before every new gen. And I didn't buy any of the games released from apr 2019 till the PS5 launched so I have one hell of a backlog. And even then, i hold out on any purchase until I am sure they are/aren't getting a PS5 patch or version.

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Title updated.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

Yes. I got series x atm. Ps5 is still sold out in nz. Loving series x thanks to gamepass and Ray trace games like Control is beautiful

Haven't even tried to hunt for a PS5 yet, I'll get it eventually. Might wait until Sony launches an official black version.

I see no compelling reason to get anything yet. From hardware failures to BS online 24/7 practices in single-player games. CMOS battery issues to needing to connect online to even play games at all. No compelling exclusives. Controllers rated to not last long. Just seems like a gen not worth jumping into.

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Yes, PC.

I will get a PS5 once it is easily available. So sometime next year I guess.

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