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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you on current-gen already?


Are you on next-gen?

Yes, I have a PS5 16 14.68%
Yes, I have a XS 26 23.85%
Yes, I have both systems 4 3.67%
I have a next-gen ready PC 20 18.35%
No 43 39.45%

Series X, PS5, and a 3060Ti.

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IcaroRibeiro said:

Don't see the point yet 

Maybe if you skip a generation then makes sense buy the next hardware of a console makes if this hardware is either BC or just have a tons of remasters/ports

For instance, for Nintendo gamers who never got a XBone a Series X might be a really interesting launch purchase, otherwise... yeah not really 

But the main reason is pricing. Launch price in Brazil is just insanity, I'm sure I can get a PS5 in than 2 years for less than 3K, right now they are almost 5k 

Wait, 5k in Reais? If it is in Reais unfortunately it makes sense, unless it can be manufactured in Brazil at some point.

I finally got a ps5 last wednesday after months of searching for one. I am set for the rest of the gen since I am not getting a xbox this gen. I usually get both.

I got the Series X at launch. Love how fast the console is and the quick resume feature.

SSDs are a game changer 

axumblade said:
Acevil said:

Ditto, both are pretty disappointing for software for the first year it seems however, do not recommend. At least gamepass gives a huge back catalog. 

Pretty much.  I know generations start slow but with so much focus on last gen, it doesn't feel like we are in a new generation.  The load times are nice and I'm glad I'm still not on the prowl for either but other than gamepass and a few launch ps5 games, it's been slim pickings. 

At least Ratchet and Clank will be out soon.. and maybe we'll get lucky and Returnal will be decent.

Here is hoping, yeah Ratchet and Clank will be really the first real PS5/XBX game for me. Yeah if it was not for the quick load times, I would have passed for almost 2-3 years. 


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Switch and Series X.

Still gaming on my PS4.

I'm not getting a PS5 until shortages/demand has been satisfied. So probably not until 2022 lol.

Nope. Still with PS4 and Switch.
Not getting a PS5 until it has a decent library, so I guess halfway through next year.

Unless somehow Konami was like, "you know what, we are releasing a Suikoden collection next week", then I'd have to get whichever console it comes for.

No. I have a PS4 Pro and a Switch. And I plan to use them for a very long time.

I have a Series X. The only thing that makes me want a PS5 is the next Final Fantasy and maybe Forspoken. Kena is timed exclusive, Godfall is timed exclusive and will likely come to Xbox later this year.

I'll be busy with Flight Simulator and Mechwarrior 5 on Series X and I'll also be more than busy with my Switch.

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