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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you on current-gen already?


Are you on next-gen?

Yes, I have a PS5 16 14.68%
Yes, I have a XS 26 23.85%
Yes, I have both systems 4 3.67%
I have a next-gen ready PC 20 18.35%
No 43 39.45%

Yes, I own a Switch. As for the PS5, I'll get one down the line when new titles stop coming out on PS4.

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Leynos said:
KratosLives said:

It's not " next gen", till it really is "next gen" . 

That literally makes no sense. Do you call this week next week?

Well, it depends. Is it really next week ?

PC, i have a ryzen 5900 + nvidia 3090, waiting for stock of ps5 in my country !

Didnt expect to see more people with XS than PS5.
After 20 years with Sony I moved to an XSX and couldnt be happier. Gamepass ultimate is amazing. But I will probably get a PS5 down the road once all those exclusives arrives.
As for next gen, it is a breath of of fresh air, cant see myself going back to PS4 and its horrendous loading times again. Also 60fps became the norm for me and I refuse to play anything below 60fps from now on.

IcaroRibeiro said:

Don't see the point yet 

Maybe if you skip a generation then makes sense buy the next hardware of a console makes if this hardware is either BC or just have a tons of remasters/ports

For instance, for Nintendo gamers who never got a XBone a Series X might be a really interesting launch purchase, otherwise... yeah not really 

But the main reason is pricing. Launch price in Brazil is just insanity, I'm sure I can get a PS5 in than 2 years for less than 3K, right now they are almost 5k 

This was my exact situation (didn't have a XB1) and why I purchased a Series X. BC was a major influence in getting one as well; I wouldn't have gotten it for years if it wasn't BC. Plus the fact that my kids can play with their friends who still have XB1's was another big factor for me.

I'm curious of those who chose "No", how many are trying but can't get one and how many aren't even trying yet.  From the comments it sounds like more are waiting for a reason to get one.

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I've been current gen since 2017.

axumblade said:

I've got both and a PC that can play Minesweeper on high settings. Take that!

Ditto, both are pretty disappointing for software for the first year it seems however, do not recommend. At least gamepass gives a huge back catalog. 


Nope, still not available in shops here. I'm enjoying FS2020 on a 1060 gaming laptop, just visited the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, no reason to upgrade :)


The scarcity, prices, and lack of games I'm interested in all factor into why I don't have the new consoles.

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Feels like I've been "current gen", or "next gen", or whatever you want to call it for a while now.