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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you on current-gen already?


Are you on next-gen?

Yes, I have a PS5 16 14.68%
Yes, I have a XS 26 23.85%
Yes, I have both systems 4 3.67%
I have a next-gen ready PC 20 18.35%
No 43 39.45%
mjk45 said:
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Yup, have a Series X since launch. It's been fine, though the gen itself just feels like a standard graphical upgrade of last gen so far. Not sure if I will get a PS5 at some point, I'm fine waiting for games like FFXVI to run their course of exclusivity on PS5 and get them on other platforms they release on. It would have to be after a PS5 Slim releases too, as the base model is just way too large.

Have a PS5 and Switch so I'm aboard. All I'm missing is a 'next gen' GPU and I'm on that train too on PC.

Now just waiting on next gen games lol.

Yes, I have a Switch.

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Out of the gen 9 consoles in the poll, I have a Series X.

And stop calling it "next gen". Gen 9 is now current gen, and gen 8 is last gen.

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Pemalite said:

I'm a PC gamer. I am always next-gen ready.
I also got a day 1 launch Xbox Series X... Which the only games I have played on it in the last 6~ months is Call of Duty Cold War, Dragon Age Origins and Minecraft.

JWeinCom said:

Undergoing a career change, so still gaming on a 1080p TV. Considering that I'm not going to see much of a graphics bump, and there's no exclusives, I don't really see a point in upgrading.

If I get a decent summer job, I may treat myself to a 4K TV and would then be tempted to upgrade. But, I'd still probably need something I can't play on PS4/XBox One/Switch to convince me to take the plunge.

You will still see a substantial increase in visual fidelity even on a 1080P panel.

Not enough for me to justify spending 4-500.


I see no reason to buy either a PS5 or an Xbox Series yet, they have no games and if I wanted to play 8th gen consoles games that aren't on Switch I'd just get a cheap PS4 or Xbox One from cash converters.

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Currently only thing "next gen" I have is my PC which running a GeForce 3090. I probably start searching for a PS5 a little bit before Final Fantasy 7 Remake intergrade come out. I completely skip the PS4 version because I wanted to wait for the version actually made for the PS5 before playing it for the first time. No interest in xbox as I really cant think of any game on it that I would not just play on my PC instead.


and why are we still calling the current-gen next-gen?

I sold my PSS4pro as far back as December 2019 or so. It's something I do just before every new gen. And I didn't buy any of the games released from apr 2019 till the PS5 launched so I have one hell of a backlog. And even then, i hold out on any purchase until I am sure they are/aren't getting a PS5 patch or version.

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