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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Make your console tier list

From what I've owned,

S - PC
A - Switch, Wii U, PS2, SNES
B - 3DS, Xbox 360, PS1
C - Mega Drive (Genesis), Game Boy, Game Boy Advance

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Wman1996 said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

This is coming from the standpoint of a collector.

PS2, SNES, and Genesis are all S tier consoles for having large libraries that hold up well today. You can easily build a 75+ game collection on any of these three consoles, using only games that have aged well.Backwards compatibility on the PS2 earns it bonus points.

A lot of people underestimate the Genesis/Megadrive, but that system has more "hidden gems" than most people know. I say hidden gems with quotation marks, because the retro gaming community knows about these games already. They are only hidden to modern gamers. Gaiares, Crusader of Centy, MUSHA, Bloodlines, Vapor Trail, X-Men 2, etc. are all amazing Genesis games that few people talk about outside of retro gaming circles. Genesis games are fairly easy to find CIB, so it gets bonus points for that.

Next up we have the NES sitting firmly in the A tier. I'd say there's about 50 worthwhile games on the NES. PS4 and Switch are both potential S tier consoles, but both are too new to tell at the moment. Maybe after another 5 to 10 years these systems will join the S tier ranks.

PS3, Wii, and Gamecube all sit in the B tier. Wii and Gamecube are both good systems with small but unique libraries. PS3 would be A tier, but far too many games run poorly on it. In fact, 360/PS3 both run somewhat modern games terribly. PS3/360 games are constantly getting remasters, and remakes. A lot of them wind up on the Switch to boot. Since Switch is cart based, and already a much better console than PS3/360, it is starting to eat away at the library of worthwhile PS3/360 games.

PS1, N64, and Xbox have all been rendered completely obsolete by much better consoles. PS1 is irrelevant thanks to PS2's backwards compatibility The only games that aged well on PS1 were 2D games and RPGs. Most N64 games have much better versions on other systems. N64 Zelda games play better on 3DS for example. And no, I'm not talking about a simple resolution bump. Most OG Xbox games are played better somewhere else, and the OG Xbox has very few exclusives even for its heyday.

Saturn, Dreamcast, and Master system all get ranks of D for being systems with very small and expensive libraries.

XB1 and Wii U both get a grade of F for being completely irrelevant from a collector's standpoint. Virtually every good XB1 game is on PS4. Same goes for Wii U's games being on Switch. With the D tier, I could at least find 10 worthwhile games, that are unique to the system. These two stinkers though? Both are best left to the dustbin of history.

Interesting choices. So do you think Series S/X are F-tier if you were to play them? There doesn't look like they'll be any exclusives. Every game on it is also available on Windows, and some will still be on Xbox One for the foreseeable future as well. 

And do you think Wii U used to be C or D tier? Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World and some other first-party games were still exclusive to the Wii U for 2 or more years after the Switch launched.

I own a PC, so I don't think playing Series S/X will change my opinion of them. PS5 also has potential to be F tier. That depends on whether or not Sony will release all PS5 exclusives to PC or not. I buy consoles based on whether or not I need them to play games on the hardware they were intended for. If Sony and MS put all their games on PC, then there's no need for me to buy their consoles, which puts them in F tier. I do feel like there should be an additional tier below F though. Something like E tier. That would be reserved for consoles that absolutely bombed, like Jaguar, or 3DO. Now, someone might ask why I just don't move everything else up a tier? After all, that would make room for Jaguar and 3DO at the bottom right? Well then, I'd have to move NES, Switch, and PS4 up to S tier to make room. But I don't believe those consoles are the best of the best. At least not yet. And then I'd have to take everything from B tier and move it up to A tier to make room too. Et Cetera.

Yeah, I think Wii U used to be C tier (and even that is pushing it). I could see somebody ranking Wii U as D tier back in its heyday. That would be a very rational ranking for Wii U.

S: Launch model PS3s offered everything the PS2 did, with the addition of bluray, so games didn't have to be on multiple discs.  Up to a maximum of 7-player local games, thanks to Bluetooth. Re-chargeable controllers, HD games, a full media center, with music, photos, and video.  Linux OS, though it was removed.  It also defined story-based games so much so that it made me like the PS4 less because of all the missing features and massive amounts of re-releases.  It's much more than just a game console and expanded on everything the OG Xbox introduced while giving us free online.  There was even a rediculous amount of flash sales in the PS Store, and if you took advantage of it, every week you could have gotten multiple triple A games for just $4.99, back in 2012-2014. 

A: First Nintendo console.  Expectations were low.  Exceeded.  PS4 expectations were high, and I was extremely disappointed with the PS4 so much that it made me into a PC gamer.  Never owned an Xbox, but it did introduce hard drives to consoles, and music/etc.

B: An okay console, but the dreamcast's D-pad was like a plastic saw grinding against your thumb.  It also removed the Z and C buttons that were on the genesis and saturn. 

C: Saturn was more capable than the PS1, with potential left on the table.  Especially true for 2D games.  Most developers didn't even figure out how to do transparency on the Saturn.  These days, the 3D graphics on the PS1 and Saturn have aged so poorly, the only thing that looks good today are the 2D sprite games, which the Saturn does better.  360 is here because of RROD.  I'd seen it happen on 7 different occasions.  None of them were mine, though, I was content with the PS3.

Although I've never owned an SNES can't really say which is better between it and Genesis.  I'd rather play Sonic 3 & Knuckles over anything the SNES has to offer.  It's also the best way to play the game, considering Michael Jackson's crew isn't allowing the game to be re-released - not that an emulated version would be any good anyway, looking at the history.

D: Two 8-bit consoles that I've never owned.

F: Always-on DRM, Kinect required.  I'll never forget.

Don't really have much play time on Nintendo consoles to be able to list them.  The switch is literally the first Nintendo console I'd ever liked, so there's that.  Wii U was close, but not quite there.

This was surprisingly hard to make apart from the S tier which came quite easily. I only placed consoles I owned at some point and didn't place any in the F tier since I don't think any of them were bad.

S- SNES and PS1 have many of my favorite games ever. Switch also has some of my new favorites and also allowed me to return to old classics (FF games, Mega Man games, Castlevanias, 3D Marios and many more)

A - Solid consoles with many great games

B - A good selection of great games but a bit less than those in A

C - Enjoyable consoles with less standouts

D - A few select titles I enjoyed, didn't spend much time with them

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