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Ok I'm bored so I found this tier list maker to rank the modern home consoles from Sega, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft

I tried to rank every console I've spend a good time in, even the ones I never owned but played because friends or parents had one. That's why I haven't ranked Game Cube, original Xbox or even Xbox One 

You can make yourself a tier list here:

Here my tier list:

PS2 is my favorite system and the one I've spent most of my time in, even if I don't really think it's really that better than the consoles on A-tier I still choosing this as my all time favorite because of the backwards compatibility with PS1 that is also on my top 3 console rank 

SNES and PS1 comes later, both are iconic. SNES being the pinnacle of 2D gaming, it's incredible how I've played it along with PS2 and NEVER felt it was dated or the games weren't unappealing. PS1 games maybe not have aged as well, but still have a very respectable library with games that I'm still enjoying to date, it was a nice start on 3D world. Plus Switch, it's recent, but is AMAZING, it's truly challenging PS2 crown in long therm so PS2 you'd better watch out. Switch came to turn me in a gamer as I wasn't since my early teen years, pandemic gave me enough free time to play... a lot. Thanks for Switch I can fully consider myself a gamer again, it brings me back the truly joy of playing games!

Alone on B tier it's PS4 I've played it most with family's and friends, but I loved it. I got one very late so I'm trying to catching up the 6 years delay. But overall I really enjoy the system and the fact I can lowkey use it as some kind of smart TV (I'm using it I'm fact more than my Smart TV). Maybe I'm just too excited and it's too early to give it a B, but IDK, I just feel it's the right place to put it 

Sega's Mega Drive/Genesis was a really cool rival to SNES, I played very few games in the original rented console, most of my experience with it was with a collection of games you could play in emulators (like Mega Drive mini collection), similar to Saturn but with Mega Drive I could at least touch and played the real console so I'm only including it here instead of Saturn. N64 had very good games and I played it a lot but its library is very poor for me and the controller is strange, I never liked it. Software wise it was destroyed by PS1 library in therms of quantity, but overall it was a ok system that made me into Nintendo games so it deserves their place on C tier 

I've mostly skipped PS3 and 360 but played their games on Switch and they are nice. My friends in college have both though, I remember have a fun time playing Just Dance, Kinnect was a game changer and that's why it's the only Xbox system I'm daring to ranking. I used 360 to play a LOT of Minecraft with my little cousins too. I'm rating them the same because their third party library was mostly the same and their exclusives did nothing for me. On bad side unfortunately their games was a reflection of a marketing skipping some genres like JRPGs and Platformers and favoring shooters and action adventure western RPGs. 

Now start the consoles that I don't like: NES games ages badly for me. They actually were already like milk when I first discovered them. Unlike SNES I find their games lacking of charming and good art design and the gameplay overall wasn't as refined as in SNES. As I played both SNES and NES at the same time (early 5th gen) I had no reasons to favor the former. I understand why it was a revolutionary system, but as a 90's born child I never could see it myself which makes me rather indifferent to it. 

I don't like Wii. Motion controls. Full of party games. Ugly shovelware third parties. How this system was so popular still beyond me. I remember enjoying Donkey Kong Country and Mario Galaxy though. My relationship with Wii is similar to PS3 and 360 in the sense that I've played all them as a guest and not a owner, but Wii was HANDS DOWN the worst of the bunch. I think maybe the problem was on me, maybe I was too old to play video games so that was the reason I don't like Wii? I was rather neutral towards Sony and MS systems, but somehow Nintendo managed to make the first of hardware that I effectively disliked and that's why I'm ranking it the F tier, y'all feel free to bash me for it but that's my truth 

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Here's mine:

S: Consoles I associate with my favorite games of all time and most treasured moments with games.
A: Consoles that have solid libraries, with plenty of games I like to pop in on good occasion.
B: Consoles with a good chunk of great games, but I am less compelled to revisit compared to the libraries from the consoles above.
C: Consoles with flaws that bother me personally (PS3 and Wii U UIs feel slow, PS3 and N64 controllers feel meh) that make me less likely to play something on these consoles. Still has good games, but most of the ones I care about can be played on other platforms.

S- Wii, PS2, XBox 360
A- Switch, PS3, SNES, Gamecube
B- N64, PS1, PS4, NES
C- Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast, XBox One
D- Wii U

Only ranked systems I owned. Switch could potentially move up or down as time goes on. Wii U would be higher if 90% of its relevant games weren't ported to Switch. Wii is my favorite. Come at me.

Mine, which only has consoles that I have personally owned:

A: PS2, SNES, OG xbox
B: PS1, N64, Gamecube, Sega Saturn, NES, PS3
F: Xbox 360

Only rated consoles with finished lifespans + PC.

S is PC for obvious reasons. A are some great consoles with great games. B are some good consoles too, but worse than A. F is reserved for the only console to break on me twice and become redundant outside of a few games.

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Gave it a try. Ranked based on the amount of games I'd buy for each console today if I had infinite money.