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Forums - Gaming Discussion - gamrConnect Presents: Their 1173 Greatest Games, as of 2020

Great work mZuzek! Thanks for another year of hosting.

Breath of the Wild’s dominance has been amazing. Personally my #10 game, but obviously it’s great and I can’t complain about a Zelda game at the top. Again. What’s even better though is that even though BotW completely changed the playing field, the old Ocarina of Time, my #1, can still hold it’s ground with a 2nd place with ease. I’d say that’s a testament to the brilliance of that game.

However, I gotta talk about Knights of the Old Republic again. #127 isn’t going to cut it. I want to at least see a nice banner for that game next year. I guess I need to advertise even more.

Anyway, I had fun reading people’s posts, thanks everyone, here’s to another good year!

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Great work on this thread. Will have a closer look later.

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Surely I won the prize for most unique entries THIS year! I have an image to maintain.

Oh and I guess you did okay this year, raccoon.

You love to see it.
Finally made the top 100.

Still interesting to see in contrast to how it performed on the top PS1 list.

I imagine your idea to come up with a scoring system that focuses on people's favorite games rather than the most popular could favor games like this?

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Awesome, quite the list. Great that Symphonia made the the top 100.
I see that the new debuts from 2020 also did quite well.

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Wow, good work OP. Must've taken you a lot of time - your efforts are appreciated.

Yoshi's Island languishing in 58th... at least 57 places too low. Breath of the Wild a worthy winner though.

OMG that 90s list though. Absolutely fapworthy.

Thank you so much mZuzek!

Not had chance to read through the results yet, just wanna say thanks for hosting this again mZuzek and for the work you put into it.

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Great work! Number 1 is always the right choice ;)

Thank you for the hard work, mZuzek!

Zanark best Inazuma Eleven pg