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Forums - Gaming Discussion - gamrConnect Presents: Their 1173 Greatest Games, as of 2020

Nice job.

FFVII #1 on PSone with that amazing library, yuck.

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Amazing list.

Shoutout to the other guy who loves Paradox games

Too much Zelda in that top 100

Interesting list!

Happy to see Celeste in the Top 100, and Terranigma did good enough I think. I obviously approve of Breath of the Wild at #1 and Ocarina of Time at #2.

Anyway, great job @mZuzek!

forest-spirit said:

Happy to see Celeste in the Top 100, and Terranigma did good enough I think. I obviously approve of Breath of the Wild at #1 and Ocarina of Time at #2.

Anyway, great job @mZuzek!

Very happy Celeste is staying strong. It's such an amazing game with tons of content.

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Not many people played dragon quest in the usa, which is a shame. That game should be ahead of botw.

Heh, I looked at the top 30 last year and it's actually pretty similar to the top 30 this year.  Not only are there a lot of Marios and Zeldas in there, but you can really sum up the top 30 of both years with the following description:

Nintendo first party games
Square-Enix games
Sony first party games
Resident Evil 4

It may simply be that our community as a whole prefers first party games.  I mean, the top 3 games on the Genesis are all Sonic games.  Halo 1&2 top the XBox list.  First party games in general tend to get a good budget and don't ship with a bunch of bugs.  On top of that Nintendo has made the most first party games over the years and they tend to put extra attention on the Mario and Zelda games.  Perhaps the rankings are fine how they are?

Having said that, a rule like only 1 game per franchise or 2 games per franchise, or whatever, when making people's lists out could add more variety.  Of course that might make the event a lot less fun for people too.  It might just be better to keep things the way they are, let people have their fun, and just accept that the top of the list is going to have lots of Mario and Zelda games.  (I am just thinking out loud.  I don't really know the answer.)

Anyway, I just want to say I appreciate all of the effort you put into all of this mZuzek.  I personally had a lot of fun this year as I do every year.  Thank you for all of your hard work.

Your hard work on this is always highly appreciated @mZuzek

Very well deserved #1, BotW is such an incredible game, really can't wait for the sequel.
#2 is amazing too, hoping that the 3DS version someday gets ported to the Switch.
Great position for Xenoblade though for me it'a top 5 game.
Love to see Chrono Trigger in the top 10 and NieR Automata in the top 50.
Also, really great to see two Dragon Quest games in the top 100.

Hey, Halo: CE jumped 23 spots! That's really cool.

But Deus Ex fell almost 150...that's humbling. I worry that next year I might be the only person to rank it.

S.Peelman said:

However, I gotta talk about Knights of the Old Republic again. #127 isn't going to cut it. I want to at least see a nice banner for that game next year. I guess I need to advertise even more.

That game has been sitting in my Steam wish list for so long.  I'll pick it up eventually.

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