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Forums - Sales Discussion - Not even halfway through this generation, Japan's home console market clinches growth


Japan is...

Cool 2 4.26%
Fascinating 7 14.89%
Awesome 2 4.26%
Kawaii 13 27.66%
Games 23 48.94%

While I personally prefer a yearly view on developments, this data clearly shows that the often announced death of home console in Japan isn't reflecting the truth.

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The Switch's really been a godsend for the japanese gaming market. That console alone surpassed the whole 8th generation over there.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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How's the handheld market doing?

I think Japan is Games, but also Kawaii.

Nintendo just seems to care about Japan, Sony imo no longer does any effort.

Farsala said:

How's the handheld market doing?

Well, the Switch's really knocking it out of the park, with the Switch not being that much far behind. The Switch also promises to sell a lot this year as well, but it's going to be difficult to compete with the Switch's last year, the Switch really needs to bring up a lot of good stuff if they really want to compete with the Switch.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I voted for the "Japan is Games" option. And fully expect that thread to be topped sometime soon.

Anyway, on handheld and home console, I'd sooner say Switch is a new hybrid market that is a bit of a successor to both of those things -- at least from Nintendo's perspective. Switch can be both a handheld and a home console, and also a tablet - although few items use tablet exclusive controls.

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One thing for sure is the handheld market took a big dump.....

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I feel like there's a caveat somewhere.

Rol, I find amusing how you classify Switch as home console or handheld based on whatever point you wants to make

Wants to prove how handheld market is alive and didn't suffered from competition with mobile? Then Switch is handheld
Wants to prove how home console market is not declining in Japan? Then Switch is a home console

Aren't your numbers wrong ? The Switch sold 17 million units, not 14