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Forums - Sales Discussion - Not even halfway through this generation, Japan's home console market clinches growth


Japan is...

Cool 2 4.26%
Fascinating 7 14.89%
Awesome 2 4.26%
Kawaii 13 27.66%
Games 23 48.94%

The bigger deal here is a home console selling more like a handheld in higher numbers, yet being more expensive than handhelds and selling games for $20 more than $40 3DS games. That is more important than how many Switches are sold; how much more money they are generating.

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Your poll is flawed. What if I think Japan is both cool and kawaii?

IcaroRibeiro said:

Rol, I find amusing how you classify Switch as home console or handheld based on whatever point you wants to make

Wants to prove how handheld market is alive and didn't suffered from competition with mobile? Then Switch is handheld
Wants to prove how home console market is not declining in Japan? Then Switch is a home console

It's the same thing a certain set of fans of another platform do as well.

Switch isn't competition since it's a handheld, therefore pls don't compare it to PS4.
Switch is a console that is going to be killed once the PS5 comes out.

Seems like people just don't want to listen to Nintendo, which clearly markets it as a hybrid system.

RolStoppable said:
Farsala said:

How's the handheld market doing?

It's doing fine.

Last gen's total: 30.41m

3DS - 24.55m
PSV - 5.86m

This gen's LTD: 17.06m

Switch still has several years of sales left, so matching last gen is doable. It's also worth noting that a market size of 30m is remarkable in a country with ~120m people. That's 1 in 4 persons who own such a device.

3DS also had one huge advantage over Switch, which was all the cool limited edition consoles. I think I have about 30 of them now lol. I am sure some gaming enthusiasts in Japan would have done the same.



OP definitely has a certain kind of perspective.  I think it would be more accurate though to say Japan's console market is consolidating.  It is mostly consolidating into the Switch.  Most Japanese gamers from Gen 8 are just buying a Switch for Gen 9.  

3DS -> Switch
Vita -> Switch
Wii U -> Switch
PS4 -> PS5 and/or Switch
XB1, LOL -> Series X, LOL

In the end Generation 9 hardware in Japan will mostly be the Switch.  Less hardware will be sold, because in Gen 8 some people bought both a home and handheld system while in Gen 9 they only need 1 system: the Switch. 

I voted "Japan is games", but I wish there was an option for "Japan is Nintendo".

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Errr... Shouldn't 3DS numbers be up there as well? Or are you really just going to pretend that the Switch is replacing only the Wii U?

RolStoppable said:

There's no need to worry about Japan's home console market anymore, because things are looking up. Here are a bunch of Famitsu sales numbers as of December 20th, 2020.

Last gen's total: 12.68m

PS4 - 9.27m
WIU - 3.30m
XB1 - 0.11m

The PS4 isn't done yet, so the final total will be a bit higher than the above, anywhere between 12.70 and 13.00m.

This gen's total: 14.31m

Switch - 14.04m
PS5 - 0.24m
XBS - 0.03m

And this gen isn't even remotely close to its end. Way to go, Japan.

Simple question to spur some discussion: Are you still worried about Japan's home console market?

I wasn't aware it still existed.

It's only because Switch is a hybrid. Home consoles are on the decline in Japan, and have been from the seventh generation onward. And because the dedicated handheld market is all but dead globally, it's dying in Japan as well.
PS5 will probably sell worse than PS4 in Japan. The Xbox Series S/X will probably outsell the Xbox One, but that's a very low bar.

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I mean.... japan is handheld land ever since the DS casual wave combined with sony marketing the psp as a home console replacement, basically.
and that is biting them in the ass now. they opened a segment of the market to transform home console owners to portable owners, only for a competitor to snatch the entire market away.
as as for nintendo vs sony.... even the wii U, it took untill the switch was announced for the ps4 to catch up with wii U's a year and a half head start.

chakkra said:

Errr... Shouldn't 3DS numbers be up there as well? Or are you really just going to pretend that the Switch is replacing only the Wii U?

Not necessarily, as he did not include Switch LITE sales in that 14 mil.  Since this is about console and not handheld, he took it out for obvious reasons and the 3DS is not part of the equation.

If we include 3DS, then Switch numbers would be counted at north of 17 mil as LITE would then need to be included as well.

However when it comes to direct comparisons, things are complicated anyway because the Switch alone accounts for both markets.  That said, software is a much better medium to look at.  Overall hardware will look lower, because many people who had a console and a handheld will just buy a Switch this time.  However the total number of software sales should be comparable to what it was when two separate devices were needed for home console and portable gaming.

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