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chakkra said:

Errr... Shouldn't 3DS numbers be up there as well? Or are you really just going to pretend that the Switch is replacing only the Wii U?

Not necessarily, as he did not include Switch LITE sales in that 14 mil.  Since this is about console and not handheld, he took it out for obvious reasons and the 3DS is not part of the equation.

If we include 3DS, then Switch numbers would be counted at north of 17 mil as LITE would then need to be included as well.

However when it comes to direct comparisons, things are complicated anyway because the Switch alone accounts for both markets.  That said, software is a much better medium to look at.  Overall hardware will look lower, because many people who had a console and a handheld will just buy a Switch this time.  However the total number of software sales should be comparable to what it was when two separate devices were needed for home console and portable gaming.

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