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Forums - Sales Discussion - Not even halfway through this generation, Japan's home console market clinches growth


Japan is...

Cool 2 4.26%
Fascinating 7 14.89%
Awesome 2 4.26%
Kawaii 13 27.66%
Games 23 48.94%

If there was a Venn diagram, the switch would be a big circle that has two little circles in it called handheld and home console and the dedicated consoles would be in these smaller circles depending on if they're a 3ds or a PS4. So yeah, switch is both handheld and home console. It's not that complicated

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The Switch allows the ability to play on the go or on the TV. It’s the simple marketing message that has worked for Nintendo.
It’s more of a portable I guess in terms of hardware structure, but it’s priced like a home console (as well as the games). So take that for what you will. Whatever you want to categorize it, the Switch is providing some new life in the Japanese market and developers can ride the coattails if they desire.

RolStoppable said:

There's no need to worry about Japan's home console market anymore, because things are looking up. Here are a bunch of Famitsu sales numbers as of December 20th, 2020.

Last gen's total: 12.68m

PS4 - 9.27m
WIU - 3.30m
XB1 - 0.11m

The PS4 isn't done yet, so the final total will be a bit higher than the above, anywhere between 12.70 and 13.00m.

This gen's total: 14.31m

Switch - 14.04m
PS5 - 0.24m
XBS - 0.03m

And this gen isn't even remotely close to its end. Way to go, Japan.

Simple question to spur some discussion: Are you still worried about Japan's home console market?

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