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Forums - Sales Discussion - August NPD 2020: Switch 504k, PS4 197k, XBO 45k

Can't wait to see those Shadow Charts! Also, to all that continue to push this notion of Switch being down for the remainder of the year due to Switch Lite release last year need to start considering the opposite.

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noshten said:

falling off a cliff any minute now... 

September Top 20(just games and hardware):

1) NSW - Super Mario 3D Collection (#1)
2) NSW - Hyrule Warriors (#10)
3) NSW - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (#14)
4) NSW - Super Mario 3D World (#16)
5) PS4 - Marvel's Avengers (#19)
6) NSW - Animal Crossing: New Horizon (#20)
7) NSW - NSMBUD (#24)
8) NSW - SSM (#25)
9) NSW - Ring Fit Adventure (#27)
10) PS4 - Tony Hawk Pro Skater (#29)
11) NSW - BotW (#33)
12) NSW - Minecraft (#39)
13) NSW - SMO (#44)
14) NSW - Neon (#47)
15) NSW - Luigi's Mansion 3 (#49)
16) PS4 - Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning (#54)
17) PS4 - Ghost of Tsushima (#55)
18) NSW - Neon + 32GB Card (#56)
19) PS4 - NBA2K21 (#63)
20) NSW - Paper Mario (#65)

NSW - 15
PS4 - 5

Another strong month incoming, last year the Switch did >400K in September with Link’s Awakening being the biggest exclusive game launching.

This year it's me, Super Mario 3D Collection. Also, Hyrule Warriors' pre-orders seem to have started off very well. Pikmin on the other hand doesn't chart in the September Top 100 for now. 

The covid effect.Remember?

Will fail any minute.

TLOU2 was at 2M in launch month of June.

If it fell 85% in Jul and again August, sales would be about 45K this month.

If it fell 80% in Jul and again August, sales would be about 80K this month.

More likely it was higher than 80% drop in Jul but 50-70% drop in Aug, but who knows.

Either way, top 12 has a chance at being all >100K, which means the Nintendo titles when digital is added are doing gangbusters (BOTW maybe >150K 3.5 years after launch).

ACNH may very likely be above NSW hardware sales in 5-600K region once digital is accounted for.

Ok Switch is just being silly now... Best ever August without any notable releases. Ridiculous

The Switch top 10 software chart looks beautiful.

Remember, there are still a lot of people who fantasize about the PS5 and XSX|S being able to put a dent in Switch sales because their processing power will reduce the amount of ports of AAA third party games.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

A Biased Review Reloaded / Open Your Eyes / Switch Shipments

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Leaks from Era


NSW + 109% (504,700)
PS4 -1% (197,000)
XBO -50% (45,400)

SW (All Physical Only)

Madden 305K


MK8D 130K

Ghost 122K


PM 78K


MK8D with digital must be close to or above 200K.

ACNH should be at or above 60% digital, so 450-500K range with digital.

TLOU2 I am guessing is >50% digital so must be 70-80K.

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mk7sx said:

Leaks from Era


NSW + 109% (504,700)
PS4 -1% (197,000)
XBO -50% (45,400)

Looks like the PS4 is benefiting from the lowered Xbox One production where only the S keeps being made.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

A Biased Review Reloaded / Open Your Eyes / Switch Shipments

Anyone want to still argue that TLOU2 has legs?

Nintendo with the Switch:

Switch apparently broke 500k damn. September will be huge with a 5 week month also.

It felt weird the Switch would be down or equal to previous months when we saw bigger shipments online and Nintendo raised their production to 25 before august. So months should have been going up no matter what.

Now that it is raised to 30 millions, we should expect end of September and on to be just huge. Switch did that in August with no communication and games and now we have 3D all star which is going to be insane in NA and Hyrule Warriors, the prequel to the top 10 best selling Nintendo game in the US.

Idk how aggressive they will be for the holidays, they dont really have to, but I would see a ACNH bundle again or something like that for 300$.

I think they will probably raise their production again for the FY. Q4 will be better in 2021 then last year I think and they will get close to selling 28 million just this year.

Cant wait to see the stock go up once they change their projections from 19 to like 28 millions.

thread update!