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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Thoughts on 69.99$ games for Next Gen Consoles?


Thoughts on 70$ games next gen?

I'm happy with it, more money=better value 6 5.77%
I'm ok with it 26 25.00%
Don't like it, but will tolerate it 30 28.85%
Completely against it, won't tolerate it 42 40.38%

With 2K potentially starting a trend of increasing game prices by 10$ at 69.99$USD games for next gen consoles, what are your guys thoughts on it. Are you okay with it? Do you think 70$ games will now become a standard for next gen consoles? Do you think it's fair? I wanna know.

Imo I'm not really for 70$ games since 60$ games have been more than profitable for most developers, the only problem is that the money made on these games goes towards the wrong hands of corrupt CEOs like 2K's. I understand game development cost has skyrocketed over the past several years and it's likely going to continue into the 9th gen and that inflation needs to be accounted for as well since 60$ in 2006 is now around 75$ in 2020, however 60$ games in 2020 make more than enough money for Triple A developers to remain profitable, BOTW cost 100M$+ to make yet only needed 2M sales to break even and BOTW blew past that number obviously.

However, 70$ games may somewhat be tolerable tho as long as there are no pay-to-win micro-transactions or trying to shove down DLC down you're throat, which I know shitty 2K is gonna pull on us since they unfortunately make far too much money off of micro-transactions.

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Inflation is a thing that happens. Prices have gone up on most products, so I don't know why games should be any different. As always though, people can vote with their wallets.

I'd be okay with it if publishers hadn't been reaming us already with dlc, season passes, microtransactions, loot boxes, etc. This is yet another surcharge on top. It's not like they're going to stop pulling all the other crap if the MSRP raises.

It sucks, but it was bound to happen sooner than later. It felt like they wanted to increase prices on this gen, but held off for some reason. I don't like it, but it means I'll hold off from buying games until they're on sale, most likely looking for reviews and impressions from people who aren't influencers from the developers/publishers, to decide whether to buy, hold off or not buy.

If you believe this is due to inflation you are mistaken. DLC. MTX and loot boxes will still happen. Publishers are already showing high revenue. They are already making billions and not losing money. They are raising the price because they want to not because they need to. They will bully their way and manipulate people into believing the BS that they had to. They didn't. They could sell at $50 and still be raking record-breaking revenue.

I won't support it. I Just recently bought 3 PS4 games new for $60 combined. So that's what I will do. Wait til things are cheap and buy used.

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I think it should be game by game basis.

The truth is the industry is more saturated now then ever, so a general price hike would actually hurt most developers imo. People would just play less games. Ganes have proven to be profitable at the $60 price tag this decade even with inflation and increasing cost.

Going forward I think titles which legit have a 7 year dev cycle can get away with a higher asking price, ironically these games are often the ones guaranteed to sell (RDR2), so I dont think it'll often be necessary.

Above all i think we need smaller, better budgeted games but were already seeing that a bit. Most of the really impressive things shown by MS and Sony at their reveals have been AA indie games.

In theory, I'm fine with publishers increasing the price of games as the production costs increase over time. Makes sense.

In practice, they can mostly fuck off. Last time I checked, their profit margins haven't exactly been shrinking, have they? No, they've consistently increased. Thanks in no small part, to what have become increasingly aggressive microtransactions across most of gaming's biggest franchises. Are these nickel and dime business practices going to stop with a $10 increase to the price of admission? Please....nobody can be that naive. These companies would stand to lose immeasurably more money from that reversal, than they would stand to gain by increasing the base price by a measly 10 bucks. Games like GTA, and Fortnite are collecting, on average, around $100 or more from it's players annually. Sure, that's at the high end of the spectrum, but you get the idea.

Now, if somebody like CDPR was to say they're raising the price of their games by $10, fine. I know they're going to provide me with a complete experience, and deliver quality, long term support for their game. I'm willing to pay a certain premium if the experience is both high quality, and free of predatory BS. Sadly, this is becoming more and more of a rare exception. I can count on one hand the amount of studios/publishers I'd be willing to spend up for in good conscience.

As a result, I fully expect that I'll be leaning even more heavily on GamePass next gen, and otherwise waiting on sales.

I'm buying no games at that price. Thank God the Switch is a thing and that PS4/One will keep getting games for some time...

NightlyPoe said:
Mostly, I'm kicking myself for not posting this topic a month ago when I thought about how overdue we were for a price hike (I even did some research and then just didn't get around to it). Prices have been stuck at $60 for at least 15 years now and the price of development has only gone up. Not to mention how quickly games have been dropping in price in those same years (Nintendo aside).

Funny thing, games were sometimes pretty expensive back on the SNES. I remember Street Fighter II being over $70 back when it first came out.

Cart games in the 90s had custom chips not standard Blu Ray and did not have digital distribution either which doesn't cost to manufacture anything so it's not the same at all.

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I can accept it if the game doesn't have any other form of micro transactions and etc but what's actually gonna happen is they are gonna increase the game + have all the other nonsense that games these days have so no thanks.


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