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With 2K potentially starting a trend of increasing game prices by 10$ at 69.99$USD games for next gen consoles, what are your guys thoughts on it. Are you okay with it? Do you think 70$ games will now become a standard for next gen consoles? Do you think it's fair? I wanna know.

Imo I'm not really for 70$ games since 60$ games have been more than profitable for most developers, the only problem is that the money made on these games goes towards the wrong hands of corrupt CEOs like 2K's. I understand game development cost has skyrocketed over the past several years and it's likely going to continue into the 9th gen and that inflation needs to be accounted for as well since 60$ in 2006 is now around 75$ in 2020, however 60$ games in 2020 make more than enough money for Triple A developers to remain profitable, BOTW cost 100M$+ to make yet only needed 2M sales to break even and BOTW blew past that number obviously.

However, 70$ games may somewhat be tolerable tho as long as there are no pay-to-win micro-transactions or trying to shove down DLC down you're throat, which I know shitty 2K is gonna pull on us since they unfortunately make far too much money off of micro-transactions.