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    What was the First Movie You Saw in Theaters?

    in Movies Discussion 18 hours ago

    The earliest I remember being at a theater was watching The Santa Clause. Must’ve been like 3 or 4 years old. ...

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    This place is getting deserted, and we have to do something about it

    in Website Topics 5 days ago

    I guess the threads popping up on the Hot Topics bar at the right aren't interesting at all. For me, at least. That, and a handful of people commenting on those tend to be highly unpleasant. I say certain offenders should be given the permanent boot. It wouldn't solve the problem of not many people here, but it would definitely help differentiate from the shit users and the good ones. ...

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    What's the last movie you saw in a theater?

    in Movies Discussion 5 days ago

    I watched Onward. Cute, decent Pixar movie. Watched it back in early March before all of this mess blew up. No drive-in theater close by, unfortunately. The only drive-in is 50 miles (82 km) from where I live. ...

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    How many of you take advantage of HDR while gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 July 2020

    I'm still using a 720p LCD from 2010 that upscales to 1080i, and has a circular burn-in spot, so nah. I might upgrade soon, but don't know which kind of 4K I should be following/avoiding. ...

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    Symmetrical or asymmetrical analogue sticks?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 July 2020

    Symmetrical, since it's the one I've gotten used to. I've used an asymmetrical control a couple of times on those X1 gaming booths on Best Buy, and I didn't hate it. It was fairly intuitive, but I preferred the aligned joystics at the end. ...

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    Will the Nintendo Switch overtake the PS4 in terms of sales worldwide?

    in Sales Discussion on 14 July 2020

    It seems pretty likely the Switch oversells the PS4. Even though a PS4 price cut these holidays could do wonders, the Switch has the momentum, not to mention potential future iterations that could boost up its numbers. ...

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    LEGO NES Set Revealed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 July 2020

    Not accurate at all. Where's the Philco TV set where I used to play my NES? Seriously though, it does look really cool. ...

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    PlayStation 5 US Amazon place holder is live! Who plans to grab one?

    in Sony Discussion on 14 July 2020

    I find it interesting that preorders are up with no price yet announced. I was wondering if it could be a move to prevent scalpers from mass-buying stuff they won't know the cost for. I'm tempted, but I still want to know the prices and further options ahead. ...

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    Thoughts on 69.99$ games for Next Gen Consoles?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2020

    Will this price increase make a handful of developers/publishers to keep the price at $60 for next gen to stay competitive? And I don't mean indie developers, but I'm talking about major developers and publishers. We know the likes of EA, 2K, Sony, MS and Ubisoft will hike up the prices, but what about others? Maybe I'm being way too naive and optimistic for certain developers. ...

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    How much tax do you Americans pay on Games on average.

    in General Discussion on 14 July 2020

    At the start of last decade Puerto Rico still had a 7% sales tax, which made $59.99 games $64.19.Though on 2015, the tax has been increased to 11.5%, which made it $66.89 for a newly released physical game. I can't say how much taxes I pay on games on average right now, since I tend to buy digital now, and I don't have to pay taxes there. ...

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    Best looking PS console (Design)

    in Sony Discussion on 12 July 2020

    PS3 > PS3 Slim > PS4 > PS5 > PS2 Slim > PS2 > PS1 > PS4 Slim > PS4 Pro > PS one > PS3 Super SlimThe PS3 Super Slim is an abomination, not only aesthetically, but functionally as well.With that out of the way, I think the PS3 Slim is a really good looking console, but the OG PS3 really is the most handsome of the bunch and attracts the eye. "Fingerprints and scratches...

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    Ghost of Tsushima - Review Thread (MC: 83 / OC: 85)

    in Sony Discussion on 09 July 2020

    I will say it will get 88. I honestly don’t know how it will be, but I expect good stuff from Sucker Punch. ...

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    Any Good Fandoms Left?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2020

    The Metal Gear Solid one is very wacky, but it's still legit. ...

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    Thoughts on 69.99$ games for Next Gen Consoles?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 July 2020

    It sucks, but it was bound to happen sooner than later. It felt like they wanted to increase prices on this gen, but held off for some reason. I don't like it, but it means I'll hold off from buying games until they're on sale, most likely looking for reviews and impressions from people who aren't influencers from the developers/publishers, to decide whether to buy, hold off or not buy. ...

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    Fans of brands (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony), what are your top 3 genres in games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 July 2020

    PlayStation fan. Haven't had a chance to play anything but PS for the past 20 years cuz I don't care for anything else. My top 3: 1. Action/Adventure 2. Stealth 3. Shooters (FPS/TPS) (except Call of Duty and Battlefield) ...

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    WOW DrDisrespect Banned permanently from Twitch

    in General Discussion on 27 June 2020

    Good riddance. ...

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    First console you bought for yourself, and why you chose it

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 June 2020

    The PS3. I still even remember the day and the date I did buy it. January 30th 2009. It was $399 back then. I wanted to go for the seventh gen already, and with my history on being with Sony consoles, I already made my mind with PS3 because it had the game series I enjoyed in the past: Ratchet & Clank, Metal Gear Solid. Granted, GTA IV was multiplatform this time, but I didn't care. I didn't feel...

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    What are the main reasons Why Xbox One Sold Far Less than PS4?

    in Sales Discussion on 26 June 2020

    A terrible first impression was the biggest factor on why the console could never catch up to the PS4. A DRM console that was primarily marketed as a cable box, with someone doubling down on the DRM. The damage was already done when they did the 180. Also the exclusives, both in quality and quantity, were severely lacking on the platform. ...

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    Super Mario or Ratchet & Clank

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 June 2020

    I've played several Mario games, my favorite of his being Super Mario World. But I choose [b]Ratchet & Clank[/b] because it's a series that I hold really close to my heart. While Super Mario Galaxy has been a massive disappointment for me, Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time have been brilliant entries with an engaging story without the usual predictable characters or outcomes. Even the 2016...

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    Bad films that are fun to watch

    in Movies Discussion on 14 June 2020

    King's Ransom is a really dumb and not so good comedy I could watch over and over again. Dude, Where's My Car? is another one I've had a lot of fun watching. Rocketman, while most of the bits and gags fall flat, some of the moments are hilarious. ...

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