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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Thoughts on 69.99$ games for Next Gen Consoles?


Thoughts on 70$ games next gen?

I'm happy with it, more money=better value 6 5.77%
I'm ok with it 26 25.00%
Don't like it, but will tolerate it 30 28.85%
Completely against it, won't tolerate it 42 40.38%

I hope it doesnt translate to that 80 euro pricepoint

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I hope people don't embark on these publishers narrative. The myth of the 60$ pricepoint is over since long when AAA publishers decided to add DLC, Season-pass and MTX into games you're already paying for.

Most of them only doing this in the hope of keeping their unsustainable growth from this generation afloat.

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I live in Germany, the price increase from 60€ to 70€ already happened last gen.

I don't mind at all, there are plenty of games I'd pay 100€ or more for. I've spent thousands on Rocket League and it's still so much cheaper than other fun activities per hour.

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John2290 said:
Barozi said:

Which includes roughly 20% VAT, so to make a valid comparison you'd need to subtract that which means a game is about 58 Euro which is 65 USD.

I keep forgetting about the Americans backwards tax system but surely thry don't pay 20% on top of 59.99?

It's really a mess in the US as it can change from county to county and in some cases even city to city within the same state. However I don't think there's any place where they pay as much as 20%.

That's going to break a painful psychological barrier here, CAD 107.34 for a new game in Ontario.
(CAD 94.91 mid market rate, CAD 94.99 before tax, 13% sales tax on top)

Thanks to the Canadian dollar first going up for a while then going down after the ps4 release it hurts a lot
Start of this gen games were still CAD 59.99 or even CAD 54.99 (CAD 62.14 after tax)

Buying digital saves the tax but otherwise it's the same price. I paid CAD 79.99 for Tlou pt 2 digital edition.

The ps4 also launched at CAD 399.
$499 is currently CAD 676. PS5 could be launching as high as CAD 699 :/ more likely CAD 649.

PS4 pro is currently CAD 499 (with game), CAD 380 for the base version.
XBox One X is currently CAD 480 (with game), CAD 380 for the One S
Switch is currently CAD 400, CAD 260 for the lite. CAD 100 for joy-cons :/
(and 13% sales tax on all of that in Ontario)

Gaming has gotten relatively expensive here.

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vonny said:
Leynos said:

No. It's not for many reasons already mentioned in the thread. Yours is an overly simplistic take. Also, no one said anything about the year 2000. The only thing 60 then would be an N64 game..because of again, Carts.

PS2 games were $50 in 2000 which is $73 with inflation, Video game development is significantly more expensive now than 20 years ago. The flat line increase for video games is a large part of why crunch culture exist in the industry.  

Games this gen are also selling far better now then they were in the year 2000. Many franchises at the time like GTA were extremely young and didn't have an established brand or foothold in the market yet as it takes years for games to become extremely popular. The gaming industry has also grown exponentially since the PS2 era and will only keep growing.

GTA sales this gen obviously are killing the sales of the older GTA games right now, the COD franchise is more popular than ever, even Nintendo games are selling the best in their respective franchises on the Switch. Many other franchises like Uncharted, Witcher 3, NBA 2K and more are selling better than ever this gen, so that kinda makes up for the higher development cost of games over time, also there's DLC, Microt-transactions, digital distribution that cuts out the middle man, making more money for these developers.

I guess this is going to end up solidifying my choice to not go for a next gen system, probably even after the next models, going forward. I already have very little faith and trust in publishers and their nickel/diming schemes.

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Barkley said:

It was the same at the beginning of last generation. They tried to use the new launch as an excuse to raise prices. Though things returned to normal fairly quickly.

Just look at the price of PS4 launch games in UK:

Assassin's Creed 4 - £54.99
Battlefield 4 - £54.99
Call of Duty Ghosts - £54.99
Fifa 14 - £54.99
Need for Speed Rivals - £54.99

Its a weird situation in the UK. I think its more down to the retailer to price and margins as well as publishers rrp.

At launch, it was £55 per game.with a few months dropped down to £45-48. But over the years its gradually gone up as consumers are used to spending more on bigger releases. Games are averaging at £50, now. I'm assuming this will follow the same trend - £55 for launch PS5/Xbox Series X games.

I'm doubt it will go any higher than it is now though, for us anyway.

TheBraveGallade said:
If they wern't so adverse to going beyond the 60$ price point the DLCpocalype wouldn't have been as severe lol, if games naturally followed inflation or maybe a bit more they would be at 80, at least for AAA titles, while lower games would be at 60.

Everything about these AAA corporations is about making as much money as possible without a thought toward morality, building customer trust and long-term ramifications. I guarantee you that if this current generation of games had an $80 price tag, then loot boxes, microtransactions, season passes, cut content sold back as DLC, and every other form of gaming industry BS would still be as prevalent as long as customers are willing to pay for them.

And for all of the people talking about inflation, let's talk about this: how many of these AAA corporations are paying tax dollars to run their operations? How many of them are operating off of taxpayer money before said taxpayers even buy the $60 starter kit that is now most AAA games?

EDIT: How could I have forgotten to even mention digital sales, where publishers don't have to share profits with brick and mortar vendors, don't have to worry about returns on most storefronts, don't have to worry about games being sold as used where they don't make a profit, and don't have to worry about customers sharing copies with friends? That alone should cancel out any talk about game price compensating for inflation.

It's funny. Every time a new console generation comes off, you'll hear people say how new technology is going to make game development easier and less expensive.
Than you'll hear publishers say costs are rising every generation.
Maybe (just maybe) budgets are increasing just beacuse publishers are willing to increase them.