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TheBraveGallade said:
If they wern't so adverse to going beyond the 60$ price point the DLCpocalype wouldn't have been as severe lol, if games naturally followed inflation or maybe a bit more they would be at 80, at least for AAA titles, while lower games would be at 60.

Everything about these AAA corporations is about making as much money as possible without a thought toward morality, building customer trust and long-term ramifications. I guarantee you that if this current generation of games had an $80 price tag, then loot boxes, microtransactions, season passes, cut content sold back as DLC, and every other form of gaming industry BS would still be as prevalent as long as customers are willing to pay for them.

And for all of the people talking about inflation, let's talk about this: how many of these AAA corporations are paying tax dollars to run their operations? How many of them are operating off of taxpayer money before said taxpayers even buy the $60 starter kit that is now most AAA games?

EDIT: How could I have forgotten to even mention digital sales, where publishers don't have to share profits with brick and mortar vendors, don't have to worry about returns on most storefronts, don't have to worry about games being sold as used where they don't make a profit, and don't have to worry about customers sharing copies with friends? That alone should cancel out any talk about game price compensating for inflation.