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That's going to break a painful psychological barrier here, CAD 107.34 for a new game in Ontario.
(CAD 94.91 mid market rate, CAD 94.99 before tax, 13% sales tax on top)

Thanks to the Canadian dollar first going up for a while then going down after the ps4 release it hurts a lot
Start of this gen games were still CAD 59.99 or even CAD 54.99 (CAD 62.14 after tax)

Buying digital saves the tax but otherwise it's the same price. I paid CAD 79.99 for Tlou pt 2 digital edition.

The ps4 also launched at CAD 399.
$499 is currently CAD 676. PS5 could be launching as high as CAD 699 :/ more likely CAD 649.

PS4 pro is currently CAD 499 (with game), CAD 380 for the base version.
XBox One X is currently CAD 480 (with game), CAD 380 for the One S
Switch is currently CAD 400, CAD 260 for the lite. CAD 100 for joy-cons :/
(and 13% sales tax on all of that in Ontario)

Gaming has gotten relatively expensive here.