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In theory, I'm fine with publishers increasing the price of games as the production costs increase over time. Makes sense.

In practice, they can mostly fuck off. Last time I checked, their profit margins haven't exactly been shrinking, have they? No, they've consistently increased. Thanks in no small part, to what have become increasingly aggressive microtransactions across most of gaming's biggest franchises. Are these nickel and dime business practices going to stop with a $10 increase to the price of admission? Please....nobody can be that naive. These companies would stand to lose immeasurably more money from that reversal, than they would stand to gain by increasing the base price by a measly 10 bucks. Games like GTA, and Fortnite are collecting, on average, around $100 or more from it's players annually. Sure, that's at the high end of the spectrum, but you get the idea.

Now, if somebody like CDPR was to say they're raising the price of their games by $10, fine. I know they're going to provide me with a complete experience, and deliver quality, long term support for their game. I'm willing to pay a certain premium if the experience is both high quality, and free of predatory BS. Sadly, this is becoming more and more of a rare exception. I can count on one hand the amount of studios/publishers I'd be willing to spend up for in good conscience.

As a result, I fully expect that I'll be leaning even more heavily on GamePass next gen, and otherwise waiting on sales.