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Forums - Gaming Discussion - REmake 3 discussion thread.


REmake 3...

I'm all in. 13 48.15%
Maybe. 8 29.63%
Not buying. 4 14.81%
Indifferent, other, comments... 2 7.41%
shikamaru317 said:

the RE2 Remake team has been remaking Code Veronica since last year. *fingers crossed*

I hope so. Code Veronica is the true Resident Evil 3 after all and an underrated gem from the series.

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Good I’m glad nemesis is scripted and not around much. I hate that random crap or long chases like remake 2. MRX was the worst part of R2R. That’s me personally and I understand people like different things! Even in the original nemesis wasn’t random and only followed you through 3 doors and was gone.

I’m looking very forward to playing this later!

The hospital is really well expanded but that one room is the worst room in the whole game design wise, anyone who has gotten passed that point knows the one.

All I want to know is one thing and you can spoiler tag it if you want: Does this game still have puzzles with random solutions?

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d21lewis said:
All I want to know is one thing and you can spoiler tag it if you want: Does this game still have puzzles with random solutions?
No the game is more about navigating and surviving hazardous situations.

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I bought it yesterday. Haven’t touched RE3 though, only been playing Project Resistance. It’s damned good.

John2290 said:
Wyrdness said:
The hospital is really well expanded but that one room is the worst room in the whole game design wise, anyone who has gotten passed that point knows the one.

Where they just fill it wall to wall with Zombies?

No before that.

The one with the two hunters it's the worst room in the game design wise as their A.I has them stand by the door's entrance so what happens is you can't enter because they're blocking you and attack you if you try to shoot the door just shuts and trying to throw a grenade in the is wayward because again they're in the door way so sometimes it just bounces back and the door closes meaning they take no damage wasting a grenade.

I get that people hate MR X and Nemmy being around, but when you look at it lore wise, they exist because of their mission parameters.

T-103 was sent in to retrieve a sample of the G virus, as well as eliminating anyone in it's path. 4 others were also dropped within the city, mostly to hold back the US military at the dead factory (which again makes sense as to why they'd pursue their targets).

Nemesis is a more advanced and the last line of T-103 models. It was designed to take orders, no matter what form it would take, as well as carrying them out with whatever weapons it was given. It's sole mission was to eliminate STARS members, and in the OG game, it killed one, but failed to kill the other (Jill). It makes perfect sense for Nemmy to track you down, just like it did in the old game.

What annoys me about the new Nemmy, is how it's been given more fluidity to it's movements, as well as being given far more moves to make use of, which makes dealing with it a practical impossibility, but at the same time it isn't, thanks to cutscenes and deus ex machina moments, which in the end make his entire new design a bigger flaw than the original, because with the original, you just filled it full of lead until it dropped. After you leave that area, Nemmy would get back up and jog off somewhere else, either for new weapons or to recuperate.

I prefer the old nemmy, because most of the areas you fought him in where transitional areas (like going into the RPD, the dead factory, the clock tower etc, all areas you hadn't visited just yet or were going to for the first time), while the new game mostly has you running back and forth within the same areas, then having him show up and chase you around, until you're basically forced down the linear path this new Remake has set out for you (which also annoys me).

T-103 in REmake 2 was better imo, because he would actively walk throughout most areas of the RPD, trying to find you, but not knowing exactly where you are. To me that felt great, because it not only gave me the chills, but I didn't feel like I was being forced to be on the run all the time, not like with new Nemmy, who always makes me wanna run for the hills and never bother with him, because the game keeps telling me "no, only through scripted finisher scenes".

I feel like Capcom blew a load of wasted potential with new Nemmy. Locking him to certain scenes, making him practically invincible in others, just ruins the immersion and believability for me, that he is someone I can defeat.

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Played a lot more. Really enjoying it. No ragerts.

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Once can argue for or against re3 remake being great. Those that say it's shorter, played it on normal. The designers of the game made normal easy, with alot of amo and herbs scattered around, so the game does not end up feeling like a "survival horror", since you almost always feel comfortable enough to breeze through past enemies. Less strategy and less fear/tense like situations arise, and the game becomes short. Also if you look at speedruns, the difference in game length between original and this , makes this remake seem longer. Also the original had some back tracking, and the door closing/opening animations. Also the difference between this remake and re2remake seems to be 10 minutes. So no the game isn't shorter. People need to play this game on hard mode on their first playthrough. One can also say that the encounters in the original seemed less scripted, but they did occur at set points and the played out pretty much the same , dodge the same attacks and move and shoot. How does nemesis play out in the remake? stuff was taken out of the game such as locations, but things were also added in.

I also had a issue with the re2remake. To me the game seem half finished. It too had things missing. The police station was good for a while, but some back tracking was annoying. Tyrant felt annoying after a while since he became easy to deal with and then felt like he was getting in the way of puzzle solving. I wish they'd done more with him, and differently. The locations outside the station seemed rushed. Sewer part could have been much better, and the birkin part was a waste of time. Claire's campaign was too similar.