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Azzanation said:
Capcom couldn't resist but to go back to the usual over the top unrealistic action scenes in a survival horror game.. it honestly makes no sense to the genre.
How many times has Nemesis grabbed hold of Jill, threw her around, and still doesn't understand to just squeeze her neck and he has accomplished his mission, but no, lets throw her around 17 times and each time she gets up and runs away.
This is the type of thinking I do with a game when they throw stupidly over the top sequences at me. This isn't Just Cause, this is suppose to be Resident Evil, a game about surviving, if my murderer was going to just throw me around than I am very lucky and relieved. RE2 Remake did it right, and I am disappointed they didn't follow the trend on it. They had the perfect opportunity to recreate the story making it more serious in the streets in Raccoon city, but instead we get a recreated action game with Zombies again. This is how RE6 fell.
Rant over.

Depending on the power of the throw you would die the same, so the problem isn't really on the throwing around =p

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