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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - 70% of Switch Owners in the USA own a PS4 or Xbox One

I would love to get figures for what proportion of ps4, xbox and pc gamers own other secondary consoles. I have no doubt that the figure for the Switch is going to be higher than the others.

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jason1637 said:

From Resetera

I remember a thread a few weeks ago about the new Mario Party game launching in October with COD Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2. At the time i thought Bo4 and Red Dead won't have a big impact on Mario Party sales but with this info I think there's a chance Mario Party could flop. This would also explain why Wolfenstein 2 flopped last year because it launched the same day as Mario Odyssey. 

or could it mean that COD Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 flop...

But seriously, even if Mario Party had a slow launch because of those games, Nintendo titles tend to have long legs, and so the most those other titles would do is slow the initial sales, but minimal impact long term.

adisababa said:
Nintendo consoles always were secondary consoles.

I wouldn't say "always".  The NES and SNES certainly were capable primary consoles, and N64 probably was for many people.  After that, I'm with you.  

I'm not sure if mine is a primary or secondary platform. My time has been pretty split between PC and Switch. If it's available on Switch and isn't too heavily downgraded, I tend to pick it up there. There are still games where I wouldn't dare play on anything other than my PC, though. Still, it's a much more even split than if I had any other console, which I'd use for exclusives and that's it.

The idea that a certain system is primary console for everyone and a certain system is secondary for everyone is stupid.

It is different for every person. For some people Nintendo systems are secondary consoles, for some people Sony systems are secondary consoles, for some people Microsoft systems are secondary consoles. There is no "oh nintendo is secondary and sony is primary" that applies to all gamers. Anyone who says Nintendo consoles are secondary consoles just means it is secondary console for themselves, they don't speak for other people. Outside of PS1 RPGs I've had the least interest in Sony consoles out of the three companies. The only Sony system I've owned is PS2 and that was mostly so that I could play some of those PS1 RPGs. Haven't thought Sony systems are that interesting after Square stopped making the masterpieces it made in the SNES and PS1 days.

In the 16 bit era Nintendo and Square were the dominant developers in terms of pumping out masterpieces. PS1/N64 gen it was Nintendo, Rare, and Square. Then both Rare and Square lost their magic touch and Nintendo kept going as the only masterful developer. I know when I get a Nintendo system I am going to automatically get revolutionary games from the best developer on the planet, and Xbox and PS4 gamers don't get a single game from the best developer on the planet, to me personally that makes Nintendo systems the easy choice for primary console, and one of the other two systems makes a good secondary console if I feel like shelling out more money to pick up certain third party games that don't normally come to Nintendo.

Switch is my primary console because it is my only console, and while there are certainly games on PS4 I'd like to play I feel no need to get a PS4 or Xbox to act as a secondary console since there are already too many games on Switch for me to get around to playing - and that's despite 2018 being a slow year! Hell the only reason I started even paying attention to video games again since 2011 was when the Switch came out. I had zero interest in getting a PS4/Xbox/WiiU. Wii was my primary console, and 360 was my secondary console, Wii took up probably like 95% of my playtime that gen. Gamecube was my primary console for a few years though towards the end of the gen Xbox eclipsed it as my primary console, and PS2 was far back in third even though I got PS2 before I got Xbox. N64 was my primary console and the only thing I really missed at the time were the playstation rpgs. Obviously before that SNES and NES were by far the best systems to get, though certainly for some people viewed Genesis as better than SNES.

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Seems about right. A Nielsen survey from Jan. 2015 indicated that 72% of then-current PS4 & XBO owners owned a Wii in the previous generation, showing that a majority of PS & Xbox users also enjoy playing Nintendo systems.

Speaking of multi-console households, according to another Nielsen survey from March 2012, 56% of households in the U.S. owned a 7th-gen console. Given that there was about 121 million households in America at the time (source: U.S. Census Bureau), that amounts to 67.76M console-owning households. There were 93.9M consoles sold in the U.S. between the 360, PS3, and Wii, giving us a consoles-per-console-owning-household ratio of about 1.386-to-1. Assuming no overlap between PS3 & 360 (combined sales of 54.6M at the time, that gives us an absolute upper limit of 66.5% of Wii owners who also owned a PS3 and/or 360. Of course, there is obviously an unknown but likely non-trivial percentage of households that had both a 360 and a PS3, so the actual percentage is going to be lower. For example, if 10% of 360 owners at the time also owned a PS3, that drops the percentage of Wii owners who also owned a 360 and/or PS3 to 57.9%. Still a considerable portion, though, one that also incidentally demonstrates that the majority of Wii owners were not the cliche of casual non-gamer soccer moms and old folks who bought a Wii just for the Wii Series games and Just Dance, but rather were gamers who owned conventional consoles and also enjoyed playing Nintendo games.

Is this why devs don't want to port multi plats?

Funnily enough I consider my switch to be my secondary console (to my PS4) yet it’s the console I’ve used 85% of my gaming time for the last year and a half. The portability gives me more chances to play the damn thing
Also, while I respect the fact everyone has different budgets, last year when I was at the shop to pick up mario odyssey, I seem to recall picking up another major release at the same time just cos it was there...Wolfenstein 2 probably bombed because less people were interested in it. The industry and the consumer base is large enough to sustain several big releases at once esp when they’re aimed at completely different audiences...

The PS4 and the XB One have been around for a while so those numbers make sense. However the Switch as a first time buyer can easily cost you $400. Yeah it is 299 but most people will buy Zelda, Mario or Mario Kart. Plus a carrying case as it is a handheld device after all. So with taxes you are getting up there. It is more costly than an XB One S. So that is pretty hefty for a "secondary" console. 

I got a Switch because Nintendo did a better job of convincing me that I needed to play BotW and Odyssey than Microsoft did in convincing me that I needed to play Halo 4 and Gears 4. The Switch is my primary console now, I have logged more hours into it than I have in my PS4 since acquiring it.

adisababa said:
Nintendo consoles always were secondary consoles.

Only since the 7th gen with the Wii. 





Were primary consoles.