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    PlayStation Nation: 19 days till PS5 launch - PS5 Media features revealed + New PS Store for web live

    in Sony Discussion 19 hours ago

    Yeah, Miles Morales looks much better now. IMO that and Demon's Souls really give us a glimpse into what we can expect from early next-gen. Man, I can't wait for a couple of years to pass so we can see how things evolve :-D ...

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    Scorn - 13 minutes of Series X gameplay

    in Microsoft Discussion 1 day ago

    Looks pretty good. If they polish up the gameplay a bit, I might give it a try. I dig the visuals A LOT! ...

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    PlayStation Nation: 19 days till PS5 launch - PS5 Media features revealed + New PS Store for web live

    in Sony Discussion 2 days ago

    Replicant said: hunter_alien said: It is. Unfortunately, I am expecting Sony to do more of these going forward. I am not a fan of the franchise, so it won't affect me, but it will have an impact on millions of CoD gamers who don't buy into the Playstation ecosystem. Exactly. And while having the bundles and the marketing rights is a huge deal, I seriously doubt the...

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    PlayStation Nation: 19 days till PS5 launch - PS5 Media features revealed + New PS Store for web live

    in Sony Discussion 2 days ago

    Replicant said: DonFerrari said: Yep very lousy and useless practice. I rather they used that money to open another studio or team even if only to remaster/remake ps1-ps2 games. I agree. But then again, I never was a COD fan. When Microsoft had timed COD DLC I wasn't affected either cause I didn't play them.I feel with people who do though. Selling a game with content...

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    CoD Black Ops Cold War Zombies Onslaught mode exclusive to Playstation for 1 year

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

    Expected, and behavior like this will continue for years to come. The ball started rolling and nothing is stopping it. ...

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    Future of Physical Media in consoles - end of disks?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 October 2020

    Immersiveunreality said: Great , less waste. This. Honestly, the selfishness of gamers is a bit sickening. Do you know how much plastic pollution comes from those 3 billion+ discs that are printed every generation? Or the storage and transportation and their effect on the environment. Honestly, as much as I loath DRM practices, I am glad that discs and cartridges are going the way of...

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    What's next for Naughty Dog?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 October 2020

    Signalstar said: They need to keep the tradition of releasing a kart racer as a way to say goodbye to an IP. They did it with Crash Team Racing and Jak X Combat Racing. They need to release Uncharted: Offroad Race for Glory. Have it be a mix of Motorstorm and Mario Kart Double Dash. Have two characters per vehicle, one steering and one firing weapons at other racers. Drake can tell Elena to...

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    PlayStation Nation: 19 days till PS5 launch - PS5 Media features revealed + New PS Store for web live

    in Sony Discussion on 18 October 2020

    gooch_destroyer said: This is the first PS console I'll have on day one. PS4 I waited til January of 2014, PS3 Christmas of 07, PS2 Christmas of 02, and PSone Christmas of 99. The only PS system I bought on day one was the PSP. I have fallen in love with that little machine as soon as I have seen it :-) I will probably buy the PS5 next year or the year after. I have a massive...

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    Did A Podcast With Game Composer Grant Kirkhope(Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark etc.)

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 October 2020

    Really nice! I am going to bed now, but added it to my watch later list :-) ...

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    PS5 makes it easier to report abusive behavior in party chat

    in Sony Discussion on 17 October 2020

    Pretty cool stuff honestly. I personally barely play online, so it won't affect me, but I have several friends who will find this useful. When you are past a certain age, you get tired fast by people constantly yelling all kind of slurs, while you just want to chill with your favorite game. ...

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    Japanese analyst: PS5 could sell 200-300m in 5 to 6 years

    in Sony Discussion on 17 October 2020

    Oh man, I do love myself some good quality crack ;-) I absolutely love these predictions before a generation starts, especially when somebody puts their reputation on the line. ...

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    4000+ games backwards compatible Day 1. PSN library carries over to PS5

    in Sony Discussion on 09 October 2020

    I am really curious as to why some of the games, not BC? Licensing issues maybe? I know that Afro Samurai had some legal flounders at one point. ...

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    Marvel's Spider-Man Remaster (PS5) New Trailer / Gameplay / Pictures

    in Sony Discussion on 01 October 2020

    Looks really good. Not gonna play it since I just recently finished the PS4 version, but the graphical upgrade is clearly visible. ...

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    Best looking 3DS game, besides RE Revelations

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 September 2020

    While I liked how RE: Revelations looked IMO the best looking 3DS game is still Luigi's Mansion 2, and I would also like to give a nod to 3D Land. All 3 are amazing looking games, and honestly, I could not decide which is technically more accomplished. ...

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    Great Deal: 12 month PS Plus Sub ($31.79) - USA Code

    in Sony Discussion on 29 September 2020

    Use them all the time. No need for an account... you can buy one as a guest as well, and as many pointed out already it's a legit site. ...

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    Do you think the Switch will sell more in 2021?

    in Sales Discussion on 26 September 2020

    mZuzek said: There's a chance Breath of the Wild 2 comes out next year, so on that alone it'd probably be hard to predict anything less than 20 million. Then again, I'm not particularly confident they will get the game out that quick, but still, it feels inevitable that they'll release some killer app for it next year. Don't think the next-gen consoles are gonna have an impact yet, Switch...

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    Gampass is a scam

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 September 2020

    Well, you do get all MS 1st party games day1, and honestly, that should be more than enough to justify the price. I have my issues with Gamepass, but the price they are asking is more than reasonable, hell, even disruptive. ...

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    Xbox Series X/S expandable storage is expensive....

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 September 2020

    Meh, it doesn't seem that expensive. It's a proprietary 1TB SSD. Sure, you can buy far better deals for a PC SSD of the same speed, but this was always the case for console accessories. ...

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    Xbox One X sales up 747%..... whoops.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 September 2020

    DroidKnight said: Hopefully it was the scalpers. Yeah, that's what I taught and hoping for :D ...

    Write 25

    Stop Calling Foreign Films "Weird"

    in Movies Discussion on 23 September 2020

    John2290 said: American films are foriegn to everyone outside of America. Technically it's true, but they became the norm in Europe and most of the world. I know several people in my country who disregard amazing Romanian movies just because of its "local trash", ie not Avengers or any other US blockbuster. The status of locally produced movies has fallen considerably in the last...

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