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    < halil23 updated his status:

    knock knock!

    How long have you been locked out?

    on 22 January 2018

    Howdy! Been out for years, was a lurker until VGC got their errors fixed. So finally back. Thanks for the friend request and sorry for the late acceptance.
    How you been?

    on 23 January 2018

    < kekrot posted something on halil23's wall:

    Love your profile pic... I have an old demo disc with Kula World, never found the full game in stores though. You reminded me that I have to buy it on PSN ;)

    Howdy! I'm so glad that I can help! Makes me happy to see real/true gamers download the best action/puzzle game of all time!!
    Gonna add you cause your awesome! (if you don't mind)
    Happy gaming!

    on 18 March 2014

    < PSwii60 posted something on halil23's wall:

    What do you know of us?

    That Obama isn't Christian?

    on 06 March 2014

    WTF?!! PSwii posted last year and I did not know, vgchartz notification broken???
    I'm sorry but can you tell me what your question referring to? I'm lost here... :$

    on 07 March 2014

    < think-man posted something on halil23's wall:

    Kula world! man I wish they still made that game!

    Kula World fan, eh? Instant add friend!! (if you don't mind) I've always wanted Sony to release a sequel on PSN with upgraded graphics and add in a level editor feature and share with gamers ala LBP, so I can play forever with millions of levels!!
    Disappointed that it will never happen to my all time favorite action/puzzle gem!

    on 31 August 2013

    Yeah I dont no why never stopped making them! This game was so popular back in the 90's I remember all the demo discs would come with it install on them. Great game.

    on 31 August 2013

    < angeljenniferlove posted something on halil23's wall:


    I am Jennifer by name humble girl, i need true friend. I am lovely, friendly, caring, obedience, straight forward, truthful and passionate, serious. if you are interested in a serious relationship come over to my ID so that i will tell you more about my self;ID; jennifer.dier@yahoo.com



    I love you Jennifer, you are my true love!

    on 25 January 2018

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    Write 51

    Vindication for Microsoft?

    in Microsoft Discussion 2 days ago

    Thread need locking up!!OP and every xbots fan agreeing with him are childish and ignorant.@ everyone else, stop wasting your time with these creeps.... ❌ BANNED (3 Days): Flaming/Spamming (Backseat Moderating) ...

    Write 64

    Sony: PS4's Lifespan Will Be 3-4 More Years

    in Sony Discussion 2 days ago

    Another 3-4 years?!? Then where's the overdue price cuts man!! Need to hit that splendid 150mil ...

    Write 64

    Sony: PS4's Lifespan Will Be 3-4 More Years

    in Sony Discussion 2 days ago

    Blood_Tears said: smroadkill15 said: It really makes MS 1-2 years not seem so bad now, does it? PS4 lifespan as it relates to Sony's 10+ year support plan has nothing to do with MS wanting all their 1st party titles on X1 for 1 to 2 years. Apples to Oranges and completely off topic.  Not only off topic but trolling as well, as he has a habit of doing......


    Occupation: Retail

    Height: 5'10

    Eye colour: Brown

    Hair colour: Brown

    Favourite Games: SERIES : Metal gear solid, Final fantasy (7 being the best one!), Chrono series, Devil may cry (except 2), God of war, Gran turismo, Jak & daxter, Rachet & clank, Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, viewtiful joe, Ape escape, Prince of persia, Onimusha, Burnout, Zone of the enders, Tekken, Street fighter, King of fighters, Resident evil, PES, Ace combat, Time crisis, Colin McRae rally

    PSVR TITLES : Until Dawn : rush of blood, Statik

    SINGLE TITLE : Kula world (Roll Away), Okami, Shoot them ups fanatic(shmups), Ico, Shadow of the collosus, Devil Dice, Legend of Dragoon, Mashed

    Favourite Music: Burnout 3 and onward have the best indie rock soundtrack!!, Nirvana (favorite), Gemini Syndrome, Daiki Kasho, Breaking Benjamin, Dream Theatre, Foo Fighters, NIN, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Seether, Soundgarden, Stonesour, Submersed, Tool, Creed, AFI, Evermore, Hawthorne Heights, Audioslave, Jet, Drowning Pool, Fall Out Boy, Finch, Filter, Innerpartysystem, Muse, No Motiv, Pearl Jam, Stereophonics, System of a down, The Killers, Thirsty Merc, Nickleback, Queen of the stone age, Stonesour, The Offspring, U2, Green Day, Linkin Park (without the rap crap), Papa Roach (again without the rap crap), Oasis, Disturbed.

    Favourite Films: The Matrix series, The Lord Of The Ring series, Austin Powers series, Scary Movie series, Jay & Silent Bob strike back, The Croods, Welcome to the jungle, American Pie series, All of Pixar movies, Batman series (new ones) Team America : World Police, Dude, Where's My Car? all of Jackie Chan,Jet Li & Tony Jaa movies.

    Favourite Books: Aside from magazines I don't remember the last time I read a book -_-

    Favourite Food: Subway, Pasta, tuna, stir fry(mainly chicken), sushi, pizza, kebab.

    Hobbies: I play basketball, tennis and play games (duh!), watch movies/tv shows, UFC and listen to music.
    One Punch Man is my favorite TV show of all time, hope they get their shit together and continue the series forever!!!

    About Me: Supporter of good corporations : Sony, Nintendo
    Boycott of corrupt/satanist corporations : M$, Apple, Rockefeller, Murdoch, Monsanto, Rothchilds, Nestle, coca cola, pepsi etc etc

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