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Forums - Politics Discussion - Do you think Trump will be elected a second term?


2nd term

yes 40 39.60%
I hope so 10 9.90%
no 42 41.58%
hope not, but can live with 6 5.94%
see results 3 2.97%

I have no confidence in the DNC to not mess things up, and run a shitty candidate again. But Trump may have upset enough people that normally don't vote or usually cast a "protest vote" so we'll see. That's more than 2 years away though.

melbye said: 
Unless Democrats can finally accept the fact that there is no grounds to impeach him and stop this almost 2 year long temper-tantrum they are currently experiencing he will win in 2020.

The special council investigation is headed by a lifelong Republican, who was appointed by Trump's own Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, who is also a Republican, after the previous head of the investigation, also another Republican, James Comey, was fired. Not that Republicans are any more likely to be fair than Democrats. But the Russia investigation does not focus on Trump. There have been dozens of indictments, several charges and even guilty pleas. And that list keeps growing. It's not going anywhere.
And even if the investigation was focused on Trump, it took over 3 years to prove wrongdoing of Nixon. Had they stopped halfway through, he really wouldn't have been a crook, as he claimed. And at that point we didn't have an admission from his son that he agreed to meet a government official from a hostile nation for dirt on his political opponent. Etc. 

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A few things I would say.

1.) The "wages are the highest" is essentially meaningless because wages are not growing faster than inflation:

If I pay you a $1/hour raise in layman terms but your groceries, heating bill, rent, cell phone, all rise by that amount, at the end of the day you don't have any more money in your pocket.

2.) Poverty levels are still rising in the US, 40% of Americans can't afford "middle class basics" any more:

78% of US full time workers say they live paycheque to paycheque (so basically nill savings and things like a medical emergency would gut many Americans overnight).

3.) The Federal Deficet/Debt is exploding under Trump, he is spending sky high, but cutting taxes on the rich, we are seeing record deficets.

4.) Many top stock markets analysts state the current market is overpriced and over due for a downward correction in the coming two years. So if he wants to "ownership" of the stock market (which really a president doesn't control in the first place) when the going is good, he should also accept ownership when the going gets bad. 

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Yuck. The very thought

Absolutely. He will win both the popular vote and the electoral college.

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Based on the trends with disapproval ratings, and performance of democrats in special elections, it seems somewhat unlikely.

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Yes I want Trump to be elected for a second term. He has been the best President I have lived under. If we can get the House and Senate into a position where he can get more accomplished, that would be great as well. I think Trump can set America up to be be very successful, and instill a since of pride in the American wok force that we haven't seen in decades. If he can get our workforce strong, and lock down our boarders and end illegals, I will very pleased.

That said, I hope we get a progressive President in the election of 2024. I have never been for all out, one sided politics. I think the country is the best when we work towards bettering ourselves in all directions. That means sometimes the focus will be on things you don't particularly care about, or even agree with, but they are essential to improving the country, the people, the planet, and our future.

I would love for the 2024 president to be supportive of cloning, equality amoung all sexual preferences/identity, equallity in the workforce, and just general love and respect amoungst each other. If the work force and military are over built by Trump, and America is strong, then we can focus on stuff like that again while we put jobs and military on the side for a little while.

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Yes. The left can't stop campaigning for him and he's producing results. His favorability is just as high as Obama's was.

I could see him getting elected a second time if the Democrats pick another shitty candidate.



Smartie900 said:
I could see him getting elected a second time if the Democrats pick another shitty candidate.

I think they realize now how bad of a choice she was.  Better yet, we don't have another coronation candidate like Clinton was. As soon as Obama beat her in 2012, the DNC practically put all their eggs into her basket.  We don't have to worry about that this time.  They've also drastically cut the role of superdelegates to, again, prevent another coronation candidate.

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Yes. Trump and America share the same values.