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What's your favourite soft drink?

Coca-Cola 35 27.13%
Pepsi 11 8.53%
Fanta 11 8.53%
Tango 0 0.00%
Sprite 13 10.08%
Lilt 0 0.00%
Irn-Bru 3 2.33%
7up 1 0.78%
Dr Pepper 18 13.95%
Other 37 28.68%
mZuzek said:
Angelus said:
Coke for me. When I was a kid my mom drilled it into my head that Coke is basically a miracle cure for stomach bugs, and....well since then it's pretty much been like a super placebo for me lol. Whenever I get sick I just drink some coke, and start feeling better pretty much instantly. Works every time. Even cured me of a bad case of food poisoning once when me and 3 of my friends got sent to the hospital thanks to some less than delightful oysters during a weekend in Dublin. The rest of them were in the hospital on IV for almost a week. Coke is life.

Well actually, I think Coke is death, eventually at least. But it sure is life while it lasts.

Well if you wanna get all technical, then life is death

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TruckOSaurus said:
I've cut soft drinks out of my diet entirely a really long time ago but on the rare occasions I do take one, I'll opt for Sprite.

Same, I haven't had one in almost 4 years. It used to be not an uncommon occurrence for me to sleep with a can of coke on my nightstand, and drink little bits throughout the night. I went from full-blown soda degenerate to water zealot. I do drink other stuff, just no soft drinks, and very little fruit juice.

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Flilix said:
Ka-pi96 said:

I've never even seen a mountain dew in person, dr pepper is everywhere though and awesome!

Really? I've been to  London for a week, and they were selling Mountain Dew everywhere. It was pretty hard not to see it.

So I bought one (because I was curious what that strange drink was), it tasted pretty bad though.

You've been in London longer than I have then

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Mello Yello is the best.

In old days I liked Sprite Remix though.

I drink like 1 12 oz can a day, it really isn't that bad for you if you keep it low. And it's not like I get sugar from many other foods in my diet.

Rockstar Killer Cherry.

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Angelus said:
mZuzek said:

Well actually, I think Coke is death, eventually at least. But it sure is life while it lasts.

Well if you wanna get all technical, then life is death


AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Mountain Dew Voltage > Orange Soda(I think Sunkist is the one I like?) > Barq's Root Beer > A good vanilla coke > A good cherry coke >  Mountain Dew OG > Dr. Pepper > Coke and Pepsi > Sprite > A bad vanilla coke > A bad cherry coke(most often have a bad one) >>>> Code Red

Mtn Dew Voltage is amazing. Been my fav ever since it came out. It tastes like another drink I can remember having as a kid, but I have no idea what that drink was.

None. Juice at best.

SKMBlake said:
Pepsi, because it's way better than Coca-cola.

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