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Did Uncharted 4 Get Steamrolled By Doom and Overwatch?

Yes 60 16.76%
Somewhat 44 12.29%
No 254 70.95%

Yeah it's just you. I've seen literally zero hype from Doom. Overwatch is online only so I don't care much for it.

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one of the most embarrassing things I've read on any forum

Lawlight said:
jason1637 said:

But overwatch outsold UC4 with 7ml sales.

Also i do agree with that UC4 is a SP game and its streaming community won't be large. Also Overwatch is fun to watch like you said.

7M in 10 days across 3 platforms vs. 2.7M in 7 days across 1 platform.

7ml is 7 days. Anyway it still sold more than UC4 because of the different platforms. But if it was only on PC it would still have outsold UC4.

Online multiplayer games tend to be more popular on twitch and we all know everybody who bought uncharted, did it for the single player.

I would say somewhat, and this is from a guy who will never buy overwatch and has platinumed uncharted 4. The thing is, progressive shooters have an ability to build strong super following. Namely the PC gamers of that game. I am part of some many communities and overwatched is by far the most played thing since fallout 4 really in those communities. 

However don't assume that takes anything away from Unchated 4. Also doom is a non factor from what I seen.


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Nope. A game that looks better than real life can't be beaten.


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But yeah regarding doom being technically superior because it is 1080p/60fps Ridge Racer 7 and Wipeout HD were 1080p/60fps on the PS3... does that mean they are graphically impressive? no, it just means they are throwing around their lower res assets twice as fast as uncharted shifts its ones around the screen.

Still feel the same way?

By Overwatch. Blizzard is too popular.

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Ganoncrotch said:

Gotta ask though was there people that didn't know Overwatch was coming to consoles?


 I'm confused by OP but I think that is the point, a bit of point farming from replies? surely?


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