Forums - Gaming Discussion - It it me? Or did Uncharted 4 get steamrolled by Doom and Overwatch?

Did Uncharted 4 Get Steamrolled By Doom and Overwatch?

Yes 60 16.76%
Somewhat 44 12.29%
No 254 70.95%

I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony announce 4.5m sold through at E3.


The PS5 Exists. 

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Meret said:

There's no hype for U4 anymore. Game launched with pretty big sales and great reviews, but then... died off quickly (big drop in charts etc). Also... doubt it will be a serious goty contender.

Where is your empirical proof of this?

This is a strange thread.

l <---- Do you mean this glitch Gribble?  If not, I'll keep looking.  





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Bandorr said:
No, not even really a little. You seem angry at uncharted 4 actually.


Any new game that's well recieved will get more attention than an older gamer that was well recieved.

CGI-Quality said:

Oh don't worry, this too is headed towards a lock. Stay tuned.

Any reason for that statement sir?

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Let the sales is a no brainer.

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People at my work are still talking about Uncharted 4. Whilst only a few are still talking about Doom and literally no one talks about Overwathch. It is not emperical proof by any means but shows that the media has very short attention spans and will move onto the next 'hot game' for the hits.

op triggered by uncharted 4 success

It's just you.

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ohmylanta1003 said:
riecsou said:
It seems like overwatch has 7 millions players and not sold 7 million copies. Still that would put them atbetween 5 to 5.5 millions copies. Still a great first week

Not sure I understand?

Blizzard revealed that across all three launch platforms, Overwatch has over 7 million uniquely subscribed users already playing. They didn’t release sales statistics, but did mention that this figure represented the total number of retail, digital and otherwise casual players (those just logging on at their local internet cafe). That could mean that actual sales are a touch lower than the player count, but it’s still Blizzard’s most successful global game launch, and one of the best ever.