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    < JENIFER990 posted something on Guitarguy's wall:

    am jenifer female reply me ;

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Guitarguy's wall:

    Dude, I hope this DualShock thing is true! That would be a megaton!

    Defs Megaton!!! I have a SCUF 4PS but I paid an insane amount for it... It is criminal how much they charge really. The patent is really complicated, not sure if the buttons can be physically re-located!

    on 20 June 2016

    < CGI-Quality posted something on Guitarguy's wall:

    Just so you know, I didn't want you to think that your view wasn't unimportant. Sometimes, these things come out in ways we don't intend! :)

    All cool buddy :) I'm been on forums long enough to know that text does not always convey our true sentiments. All sweet :)

    on 17 February 2016

    < Ganoncrotch posted something on Guitarguy's wall:

    Oh regarding the 24million comment in that MGSV thread, I didn't say or well at least not mean that Konami were getting all of the money, but in terms of revenue into gaming as an industry, I've worked in games retail before, I know everyone gets their cut a lot of times before it gets back to those who made the game, but still I like the idea of 24m going into the whole production and distribution of the industry I love, even those damn gamestop employee's make gaming what it is sadly enough! they gotta be paid too.

    All good champ :) I know you knew, just thought others might have misinterpreted what you said :)

    on 02 December 2015

    Aye, I know what you mean tho, the actual game creators get a tiny cut of the game if bought retail, I know that even psn/xbla take their cut from devs too, but I have tended to go digital a small bit more with some games just in the hopes of cutting out some of the middle men with games I like, Not sure how well that plan works... but I feel better for it!

    on 02 December 2015

    Definitely! I do prefer physical media myself but I can understand your sentiments also. If the game is digital only, then I will go that route. I just love having a phyical copy in my possession :P

    on 02 December 2015

    < XanderXT posted something on Guitarguy's wall:


    Guitars :) hehe. They are up there with videogames for me :)

    on 11 September 2015

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    Write 88

    Best N64 game not by Nintendo or Rare

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 May 2018

    Shadowman... Although it was ported to PS1/DC/PC later, it was originally an N64 exclusive(timed-exclusive??) lol....

    Write 98

    Lack of new games on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 May 2018

    areason said: Honestly why are you surprised? Given Nintendo's recent track record with third party sales, and the specs of the Switch It's pretty obvious that the Switch wasn't going to get good third party support. And when it comes to Nintendo, it's impossible to have them pump out more then 2-3 big games a year. Essentially this. Even in the Wii's heyday, it wasn't like...

    Write 317

    PS4 Won April NPD ( PS4 > NSW > XBO)

    in Sales Discussion on 19 May 2018

    zorg1000 said: Guitarguy said: Insane numbers for PS4. Their focus on quality single-player focused exclusives has paid off bigtime. I honestly thought the Xbox One X would have moved the needle more than what it has but it is probably too late in the Xbox One's life cycle. Still an incredible piece of hardware. Switch sales seem a little soft but coming from the Wii U this is a...


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