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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your Top 50 Games: 2013 Sign Up Thread!

Sit down people! I've done some thinking and I may have a new Number 1!

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Mr Khan said:
Scoobes said:
OK, I've adopted (or shamelessly stolen depending on your POV) MrKhans' scoring system. It's actually fairly close to my old ranking with a few major exceptions e.g. AC2 is a lot higher than I placed before and MGS1 seems to be a lot lower than I expected. A few more but I'll save them for list time.

It was actually a lot of fun, I could do my top 100 now, lol.

I like it because i think it controls for the various factors that often undermine these lists: it balances rose-tinted glasses with the fact that some games, even if they are objectively worse than others (like the badly unbalanced Mario Kart 64 vs much more polished Double Dash, Wii, and 7) are still more significant to your gaming history. How much did you love it back then? How has that love held up? And objectively (as far as game judging can be objective) how good is the game, actually? That helps to keep more roughly-designed games in check, without rewarding games that you can't find any flaws in, but also didn't really "love" either.

I completely agree. It balances objective game mechanics with the effect the game has subjectively had on you. I can see why MGS dropped a few places (Modern score of PS1/N64 games are relatively low) and I'm OK with that.

I pretty much copied your scoring system with a few minor changes to the way I score them. If anyone else wants to adopt it or something similar:

Original score: Score I would give the game when I first played it.

Modern score: If I play the game now, what would I give it?

Nostalgia: How fondly do I remember the game when I think of it and how much did it influence me?

Length value: How much did I personally play the game? Will I be going back to it in the future?

I then took an average (all scores out of 10).

Smeags promised me sexual pleasures for signing up... so.. sign me up


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brendude13 said:
Sit down people! I've done some thinking and I may have a new Number 1!

Naughty Bear 2 :O

OT: I'll sign up again. :)

Smeags said:
AshKetchum1992 said:
Does it have to be a top 50??

50 days. 50 games. ^_~

Also, everyone who has asked to be added has been added! Hoo-rah!

OK I'll try to make a top 50 so count me in

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Sign me up.


And with you guys coming in, we've hit 60 participants. ^_^

Lots of new comers this year, which is great. And of course we have a lot of veterans as well. Starting to work on my list as we speak. There's definitely some changes happening this year, thanks to a strong showing by the 3DS library this year and a few older games that have really grown on me.

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Well, I went ahead and finished my list already. I might switch the order around a teensy bit here and there, but I'm pretty sure I've narrowed down everything I want to include on this list. I'm mildly worried that I'll get tied to a stake before I get to finish it, though, since four of the games in the first tenth of my list happen to be some, uhh, pretty big names. Ones that you could usually expect to see at the opposite end of the list. And the fifth... is a browser-based Flash game. (Oh dear.)

Just to make sure: free-to-play browser games are still fair game, right? It's not like it's fucking Candy Crush Saga.

I don't even know if I have that many favorite games, let alone the time so sort them out in order.

Besides, there are too many games I haven't played yet that would likely make my list.

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