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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your Top 50 Games: 2013 Sign Up Thread!

Smeags said:
Michael-5 said:

2 words : SNES Apreciation


LOL, it's just nice to reflect, see what are other peoples favorite games. PS3 & 360 were arounf for 7 & 8 years, but I would say gaming has been good since the NES released 28 years ago. In 28 years, a lot of great games have released, and I dunno about you, but I still play the classics. I'm actually saving up for a Sega Saturn to play Panzer Dragoon Saga, I hear it's great, and I'm always going to look at this list, and other user recommendations for suggestions on what to try next.

Yeah, I play Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic & Knuckles every year. I have the originals on my Genesis (still works!), Sonic Mega Collection on GCN/Wii, and Sonic Classics Collection on DS/3DS. ^_^

Same, I have been playing Mario Party 2 and Mario Kart 64 non-stop since they released. I don't play them as much now (realistically only a handful of times a year now), but I still love them.

Recently I bought a bunch of PS1, PS2, and SNES JRPG's and I plan to go back a gen instead of forward in the comming years.

Anyway, I can't wait to vote, I've been tweaking my top 50 all year, after my top 20 it's hard to order.

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*puts hand in middle* I'm in!

Also, not to mock Nintendo, but I miss the old Nintendo. Modern Nintendo relies far too much on their big name IP's. It seems like a consoles success depends on how well Mario Kart is recieved. Before, during the SNES era, Mario Kart was just some idea they had, which became a great game. It was 1 of many great new games Nintendo was making.

Handheld Nintendo is less extreme now, but still they is a huge over-reliance on Pokemon. Pikmin was a nice new IP, and it's nice seeing Advance Wars and Fire Emblem localized now, but where are all the crazy new franchise's? We didn't even get Earthbound 2 for the GBA here.....

So a thread like this is nice, nice to see some quality Nintendo games up top. Plus new games in 2012, 2011 have worn their effect, so I have been able to lower their rank XenoBlade is still awesome though.

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I'm in!

Sign me up!

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Thanks for joining us guys. ^_^

We've crossed the 50 marker. Here we go!

Put me at 69.

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I'm in


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Scoobes said:
OK, I've adopted (or shamelessly stolen depending on your POV) MrKhans' scoring system. It's actually fairly close to my old ranking with a few major exceptions e.g. AC2 is a lot higher than I placed before and MGS1 seems to be a lot lower than I expected. A few more but I'll save them for list time.

It was actually a lot of fun, I could do my top 100 now, lol.

I like it because i think it controls for the various factors that often undermine these lists: it balances rose-tinted glasses with the fact that some games, even if they are objectively worse than others (like the badly unbalanced Mario Kart 64 vs much more polished Double Dash, Wii, and 7) are still more significant to your gaming history. How much did you love it back then? How has that love held up? And objectively (as far as game judging can be objective) how good is the game, actually? That helps to keep more roughly-designed games in check, without rewarding games that you can't find any flaws in, but also didn't really "love" either.

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