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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Official VGChartz Wii U Friend Thread

Post your Nintendo Network ID.

We shall all be friends and see each other's post in Miiverse and on the NSMBU world map and Video Chat together and see what each other is playing and... *ad infinitum*

Ready... Set... GO!

EDIT: Adding friends through the 'search user' function in Miiverse allows you to actually send friend requests.  Try to do it this way instead of adding through the friend list itself as the other person WILL NOT receive a friend notification from you - the only way they will become your friend is if they try to add you as a friend as well. -thanks PokeClaudel

Americas VGChartz Member Nintendo Direct ID              
Kenology Kenology18
_crazy_man_ crazy_man
Baddman Romanithegreat
sethnintendo SethNES
dahuman dahuman
Mr Khan Mr.Khan
Paul popopo
wfz Growlithe
Axumblade Axumblade
uno eastwood
Walkthrublazer3 NintenNinja
BlkPaladin AquintisFP
Train wreck izzojova
pokeclaudel PokeDel
Crono141 Crono141
Xxain Xxaiba
superchunk SuperChunk
super_etecoon super_etecoon
Tizona Tizona
cunger bowserthedog
MaxwellGT2000 MaxwellGT
jlrx jlrx81
NinjaguyDan Max_Power
twesterm twesterm
Red4ADevil red4adevil
Vinniegambini vinniegambini
TheKingofRedLions Omega_Pirate
Level1Death KJ_LV1
Wetcoaster Coaster
kanageddaamen kanageddaamen
Flanneryaug Flanneryaug
d21lewis d21lewis
O-D-C O-D-C14
EntilZha RangerOne
thetonestarr thetonestarr
Wickedshyn Wickedshyn
JayWood2010 JayWood2010
glimmer_of_hope asylum_bound
Pjams Alebelly
shakarak Shakarak
amp316 Amp316
TalonMan TalonMan
DaRev DaRevren
beatles1082 Octoroc
sepoer sepoer
Smeags Smeags
CityOfNubes CityOfNoobs
Sherlock99 Sherlock99
keroncoward Keron13
perpride Darth-Cidius
itsJabby itsJabby
tbone51 tbone51
Pavolink Pavolink
Joaco <3 N64 Joaquincito
shiackz shiack
lilc64 cmcclora
Salnax Salnax
pimpcoop tuggy24g
SSJGohan3972 SSJGohan3972
ZaP~ Zap786
supermario128 Mako91
guiduc GuiD3001
newwil7l Disposeddata
Thechalkblock missingno5
rasone77 rasone77
EastN3 EastN3
Maris Kletain
SSJ Rodimus SSJRodimus
theprof00 theprof00
JoeTheBro Voncola
Pachofilauri pachofilauri
Olivernintentoal olivertoal
cannonballZ Dutchmasterkiko
Kuramakun Kuramakun
DevilRising Godzilla1981

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EU/AU VGChartz Member

Nintendo Network ID
milkyjoe JP1984
Chandler Chandler_U
TheLastStarFighter Splitcrow
LinkVPit Xeno-death
Roma Roma_83
bazmeistergen bazmeistergen
S.Peelman S.Peelman
Noll TheNoll
Conegamer Conegamer
DélioPT DélioPT
ASStronaut Borode
Wiped Evansace
luthor luthor
forest-spirit Forest-Spirit
Bajablo Bajablo
Hackles Hackles
okr HalFoster
Mnementh Mnementh
peachbuggy Warren8buggy
KHlover 3swordstyler
Cobretti Cobretti
zippy hona_hona_2
Sol Captainaussie
Rick1331 Rick1987
Cheebee Cheebee
fedfed Sasso13
AIAS Aias23
Sharu Sharu79
TomaTito gonmir
KeptoKnight keptoknight
mjk45 mjk45
fedfed Sasso13
Japan/Other VGChartz Member Nintendo Network ID      
ramuji ramuji
leader_e emad64



NNID: crazy_man

3DS FC: 3969 4633 0700 

 My Pokemon Trading Shop (Hidden Power Breeding)

Tagged for later.

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Wii code: 6775-1034-2238-1634

PSN: birdie93      XBL: luthor93

3DS: 3909-7597-9889

You can add me, I won't stop you!

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I added you both, JWeinCom and crazy_man.


SethNES (wanted SethNintendo but they wouldn't let me put Nintendo so I was going to put a 0 instead of a o but decided f it! Going back to the system that started it all...  Plus the NES kind of makes my name sound a little funny if you pronounce it.  Might take me a day or so to add people since I'm still setting it up and going to do system transfer, etc...


Added Baddman, Seth, and dahuman to my Wii U friends list.