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    EntilZha Still trying to play Witcher 3, but it is so hard to stop playing Animal Crossing...
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    < EntilZha updated his status:

    Still trying to play Witcher 3, but it is so hard to stop playing Animal Crossing...

    < EntilZha updated his status:

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna the Golden Country are done. Excellent games.

    Now The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and so far it is awesome.

    < EntilZha updated his status:

    About 1/2 way through Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and it has not disappointed so far.

    It has a very good story to follow, you'll enjoy it

    on 30 November 2019

    You were right, I did enjoy it very much.
    Also completed the DLC Torna the Golden Country and it was nice to see the back story.

    on 03 March 2020

    < EntilZha updated his status:

    Skyrim done.

    Started Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Hoping it is as good as the first one was. I really enjoyed that game.

    < EntilZha updated his status:

    Have finished Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and Doom. Now playing Skyrim. So many games, so little time.

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    Write 864

    Do you believe in God? Why/Why not?

    in General Discussion on 02 September 2018

    Interesting topic. One side believes that life was created by a God. The other side believes that life created itself out of basic elements. Neither side has any proof, but both sides have "faith" that they are correct....

    Write 34

    Nintendo NX: A 3D Home Console

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 July 2016

    If I understand this tech correctly, it only works when wearing the glasses, right? So any and all games would still work as normal if you don't wear the glasses, right? I mean, if it is implemented in a way that you can either choose to use it or not, then those who like it can enjoy the new experience and those that don't are not forced to. IF this is the way it would work, what would be the...

    Write 112

    EA on NX support: "If it makes sense for us - we'll be there"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 May 2016

    None of the 3rd parties will support the NX. Period. This is because 3rd parties will not support NX unless it sells big numbers, and the NX can not sell big numbers without 3rd party support. Chicken and the egg situation. So, Nintendo have to decide what type of gaming company they want to be. They can go it alone with no 3rd party support and just live off of 1st and 2nd party titles....


    Occupation: Retired Chemist

    Education: BSc

    University: Wilfrid Laurier

    Height: 5'8

    Eye colour: Hazel

    Hair colour: Brown

    Zodiac sign: Gemini

    Relationship status: Married

    Favourite Games: Metroid Prime Series
    RE4 Wii Edition
    Legend of Zelda Series
    Mario Kart
    Animal Crossing
    Eternal Darkness
    Monster Hunter Series

    Favourite Music: Classic R&R

    Hobbies: Gaming, Photography, Birding, Hiking, TV, Photo Editing and Graphics, Avro Arrow, NHL, Reading, Music, BBQ

    About Me: I am Entil'Zha, but I go by RangerOne or Ranger1 for most online gaming.
    The name Entil'Zha comes from the TV series Babylon 5 and essentially translates to Ranger One.
    I really enjoy playing, but I do not buy many games. I buy 1-2 a year on average and play them to death.
    Although I have stuck with Nintendo, I am not a fan boy. Just what I started off with and I am very happy with the offerings.
    I consider myself to be slightly more than a casual player, but quite a bit below hardcore.
    Oh, I also tend to be a bit of a lurker. I check the site out often, but rarely post.

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