Forums - Sales Discussion - Square Enix Aims For Six Million Plus Sales For FFXII.

Well I'm going to change my prediction just abit.

PS3 = 4.5 - 5.5m (2.5m japan)
Xbox = 2 - 2.5m (Will take a lot of the American sales of FF away from PS3)

lifetime sales = 7 - 7.5m (Still believe that it may not beat out FFX)


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Not on either platform, it won't. Maybe combined, but I'll be surprised if it breaks 3.5 million on either console.

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So it will barely cover the developing and ad costs??

that ain't good.

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Basicly he expects it to outsell XII.

Which it will.


Yes that's possible

4.5 Million PS3: 2.5 JP 2.0 Others
1.5 Million Xbox360: 1.5 Others

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I love how people are predicting considerably higher than both Famitsu and the company CEO

1.5 million in Japan (PS3 obviously)
2 million elsewhere on PS3
2.5 million worldwide on 360

4 million on PS3 (1.8m Japan - 1.2m Others - 1m NA)
2 million on X360 (1.2m NA - 0.8m Others)

Between 3-3.5 million for PS3
1.2-1.5 for X360

Overall sales will between 4.5 and 5 million tops.

Alot of people are setting themselves up for disappointment expecting these absurdly high sales for FFXIII in the west.If I'm wrong I'll gladly take the loss but I feel I'm one of the few FF fans that has realistic sales expectations for this game.

It doable... it will probably do 1.5-2 million in Japan alone, so 4 million+ in the US and Others for the 2 HD twins is managable... lets be honest its arguably the most popular RPG series of all

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Besides Japan where it's a PS3 exclusive, 360 sales world wide sales should be comparable with the ps3. just look at GTA4.
This is my guess.

Japan 2 million
NA 2.2 million
Europe 0.9 million
Total 5.1 million

Xbox 360
NA 2.5 million
Europe 0.7 million
Total 3.2 million

Total Lifetime Sales 8.3 Million

The reason I came up with these numbers is by using past iterations of the Final Fantasy franchise and Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA4 was also considered a Playstation franchise by most) as references.

Of course with the Ps3 price cut and the gap between the PS3 and 360 getting closer, it could easily make my whole estimate null.