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    Iwata on Wii failures - No HD/No Hardcore

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2011

    Iwata really has lost it if he thinks HD has any capability to improve games. It's a marginally sharper picture -not even 3x at 1080p- and nothing more. Nothing that matters. All it really does is inflate the cost to produce games beyond all reason, as evidenced by the long list of third parties who tried to go HD-exclusive this gen and then died when they couldn't break even at sales rates that,...

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    Ubisoft says Wii U is “Not really.” next-gen

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2011

    Ah, yes; the old lie about power determining generation. Anything to continue the childish developer-boycott of Nintendo....

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    So Pachter Says "Nintendo Is Too Late"....That's Great News For Nintendo !

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 June 2011

    How can Nintendo be too late to a generation when it's the first one in?...

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    If you could have any job in the gaming industry, what whould it be?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 June 2011

    CEO of Nintendo, with my first major actions as follows: 1) Stop wasting the company's time and money on a "hardcore" market that will never return to it anyway. 2) Offer official company apologies to the family of Gunpei Yokoi. 3) Place Gunpei Yokoi memorial plaques prominently featuring the phrase "LATERAL THINKING WITH WITHERED TECHNOLOGY" in every office. 4) Tie game licensure to...

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    KH3 to go HD!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 April 2011

    Meh. HD won't improve it the slightest bit....

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    The most epic piece of videogame music ever.

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 April 2011

    My shortlist would include (in no particular order): Wily's Stage 1-2 (Mega Man 2) Eternal Struggle (Mega Man X3, and notable for how short it is while still being epic) Ken's stage (Street Fighter II) Zeromus (FF4) Battle on the Big Bridge (FF5) Dancing Mad (FF6) You Are Not Alone (FF9) Seymour Battle (FF10) Opening Movie (Theme of FINAL FANTASY XII) (oh, come on; do I have to say where this...

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    If you could alter a game ending (Mayor Spoilers Alert)

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 December 2010

    Mercenary Force for the original Game Boy. Really, just about anything less depressing will do....

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    why the hell do first party nintendo games stay expensive for so long?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 December 2010

    First-party Nintendo games stay at launch price because they hold onto their value. As evidence for this, I point out that these games are still being bought in significant numbers weeks, months, sometimes even years after launch. If they were truly losing value, this wouldn't happen; either sales would dry up or the price would drop. That's what value is. Perhaps we should instead turn the...

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    Will Nintendo Create New franchises?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 December 2010

    Why does Nintendo need to create new franchises? New characters don't make for new experiences; indeed, nowadays their most common use is to mask a rehash of some game we all played ten years ago. Or, to put it another way: why should franchises get stale over time? People don't get stale; why should characters?...

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    Persuading Others to Give Gaming a Chance

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 December 2010

    What's your thesis statement? "Give gaming a chance" is awfully broad, maybe too much to cover adequately in a school assignment....

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    Sarah Palin in 2012: Contender or Pretender?

    in General Discussion on 27 November 2010

    Pretender. If there's anything these last few election cycles have shown, it's that Palin does all right as a pundit, but when it comes to actual candidacies her endorsement is poison, and running herself is even worse. It's one of the things that even most sane Republicans seem to agree with liberals on: now that she has no more political power, she must be kept from ever getting it again at all...

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    Are you satisfied with current-gen consoles graphics?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 November 2010

    Dude, I was satisfied with last gen's graphics. Seriously; they look fine, enough that I don't see any meaningful improvement even from HD....

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    Jeb Bush for US President in 2012?

    in General Discussion on 27 November 2010

    For better or for worse, he won't even try in 2012 (or perhaps he might, but the Republicans won't let him). That brand is way too badly damaged after Dubya, and needs time to recover. Maybe in 2020, when the youngest voters won't have been politically aware during the Bush years, but not 2012. He won't be allowed....

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    I'm open'n a Pandora's Box but what games do you think should never existed

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 November 2010

    I'm having trouble narrowing it down to just one, but if I really had to pick, I would say Street Fighter II. This is the point where fighting-game controls (and to some extent game controls in general) really started to get gratuitously complex. I believe that the impact this has had on gaming has been severe and negative, by encouraging (and in many cases, requiring) some frankly unhealthy play...

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    Are you ashamed of playing Nintendo games?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 June 2010

    I outgrew outgrowing Nintendo a long time ago. Part of growing up is becoming secure enough in one's own maturity to not be ashamed of "childish" things....

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    Pacher Explains Why He Predicts WiiHD Believes Will Will Lose MarketShare

    in Sales Discussion on 17 June 2010

    Pachter believes the way he does because when the marketers said that graphics matter, he bought into it. They are wrong, and so he is wrong....

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    Is MS and Sony trying to copy Nintendo

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2010

    Of course they're trying to copy Nintendo. This is how the industry works: barring disruptions, the losers copy the winner the next time around. For example, Nintendo tried to copy the PS1 last gen, not that it did Nintendo very much good. Now the tables have turned, and Nintendo is the one being copied. It just happens....

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    Games that try too hard to be mature.

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 June 2010

    Generally speaking, I find that almost any game which actually gets an M rating or its equivalent is "trying too hard". You can find more actually-mature games in the T rating (or its equivalent) nowadays, and sometimes in even lower ratings, than you can in the M rating....

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    NK Sinks SK Ship; Says Retaliation = War

    in General Discussion on 26 May 2010

    Samus Aran said: mrstickball said: In even more abusrd news: North Korea has deployed BD-21 rocket artillery to defend its territory...against China! It seems that NK is now worried that their allies in Beijing are fed up with their BS, and may attack them. That, or they are ready to attack their own civilians with rockets. I don't think it would be hard to pursuade China...

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    Should Nintendo invest more in the West?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 May 2010

    I believe they should invest more in the West, as long as they are careful about doing so. The trick is how to do this without making the Western influence too strong, something neither Nintendo nor most of its fans want. I'm not sure I know the answer, though I do think the current divestiture wasn't really necessary....

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