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Forums - Sony Discussion - Report- Sony developing a new handheld console codenamed Q Lite

Tom Henderson, who has proved to be a fairly reliable source in the past, is reporting that Sony is working on their next handheld. The codename for the project is Q Lite. Here are the features:

  • Remote play with PS5, not cloud streaming
  • Remote play streams games from PS5 with an adaptive quality rate up to 1080p, 60 fps, depending on internet speed, over home wi-fi and possibly 5G for out of house play
  • Report reads like it may not play games natively like PSP and Vita, but offer only the remote play from PS5 over wi-fi and presumably 5G for out-of-house play
  • 8 inch 1080p LCD touchscreen display (1 inch bigger than Switch OLED, and 1.8 inches bigger than launch Switch, while also being 1080p, double the 720p of Switch)
  • Early prototype looks alot like the PS5 controller in terms of design
  • Features the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the PS5 controller
  • Part of Sony's PS5 phase 2 hardware plans alongside the new detachable disc drive PS5, PS5 Pro, Project Nomad (wireless earbuds), and Project Voyager (wireless headset) which are all planned to release in a relatively short timespan of about 1 year.
  • The 1ish year release schedule of new products will begin with the detachable disc drive PS5 in late 2023, and end with PS5 Pro Holiday 2024. Q Lite, Project Nomad, and Project Voyager will release between those two, with Nomad and Voyager currently scheduled for Q1 2024 (January-March 2024) and Q Lite's exact window not specified in the report
  • No pricing details as of yet

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1080p and 8". Will probably be pretty expensive for something that can only be used for remote play. Would be silly if it didn't support cloud streaming so I'm sure it will but native PS1/PSP/PS2 etc would be a good bonus to make it more worth it.

If it is indeed streaming only, I doubt it will be worth the price. In order to have proper out-of-house play you will need 5G connectivity, which will require you to a. live in an area with good 5G coverage (which I don't), and b. pay for a 5G phone plan that is separate from the one you are already paying for on your phone, since most modern 5G plans don't allow piggybacking as far as I know. The lack of native playback will lower the cost as they can get by with the kind of smartphone chipset you can find in a $50 phone, but even then the cost of the weaker smartphone chipset plus a large 1080p screen and a decent sized battery and the haptics and adaptive triggers of PS5 will all likely result in a price tag of at least $200 I'm guessing, and then the need to pay for a 5G phone plan on top of that. Not for me at least.

"Report reads like it may not play games natively like PSP and Vita, but offer only the remote play from PS5 over wi-fi and presumably 5G for out-of-house play"

This killed it for me. I've a phone I could easily remote play with if I wanted to. They even have Playstation branded snap-on controllers for smartphones (I.e. Backbone One).

What I loved about the PSP (and, to a lesser extent, the PS Vita) was the library of exclusive titles built around the systems strengths that acted as prequels, sequels, or side stories to their console releases.

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, Ratchet and Clank Size Matters, Resistance Retribution, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, God of War Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta, etc.

Remote play is convenient sometimes, but I wouldn't spend any significant amount of cash to do it. Even the backbone controller is a little too pricey for me.

Lame. Just a glorified Wii U tablet.

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So probably basically $200 (regular PS5 controller is like $70) for a Playstation 5 Wii U.

I dont hate the concept, but the price is everything.

If this is real, it's disappointing.
How cool would it be to play PS4 games offline without Remote Play and use Remote Play for PS5?

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Sounds like something no one would want

I could get behind it.
I don't like playing on my phone.
I don't actually bring my switch out of the house that often.
I do play my switch a lot while watching TV.
I already have a PS5.

So yeah for like $200 I could get behind something with a bigger screen than my phone with dedicated buttons that's easy to hold. It's the same way I'd use a steam deck if I was interested in that many PC games.

1080p 60fps is a lot better than most switch portable games right? I don't know what steam deck typically gets.

So show me a screen size and a price and I may be interested sure.

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