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Tom Henderson, who has proved to be a fairly reliable source in the past, is reporting that Sony is working on their next handheld. The codename for the project is Q Lite. Here are the features:

  • Remote play with PS5, not cloud streaming
  • Remote play streams games from PS5 with an adaptive quality rate up to 1080p, 60 fps, depending on internet speed, over home wi-fi and possibly 5G for out of house play
  • Report reads like it may not play games natively like PSP and Vita, but offer only the remote play from PS5 over wi-fi and presumably 5G for out-of-house play
  • 8 inch 1080p LCD touchscreen display (1 inch bigger than Switch OLED, and 1.8 inches bigger than launch Switch, while also being 1080p, double the 720p of Switch)
  • Early prototype looks alot like the PS5 controller in terms of design
  • Features the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the PS5 controller
  • Part of Sony's PS5 phase 2 hardware plans alongside the new detachable disc drive PS5, PS5 Pro, Project Nomad (wireless earbuds), and Project Voyager (wireless headset) which are all planned to release in a relatively short timespan of about 1 year.
  • The 1ish year release schedule of new products will begin with the detachable disc drive PS5 in late 2023, and end with PS5 Pro Holiday 2024. Q Lite, Project Nomad, and Project Voyager will release between those two, with Nomad and Voyager currently scheduled for Q1 2024 (January-March 2024) and Q Lite's exact window not specified in the report
  • No pricing details as of yet

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 05 April 2023