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If it is indeed streaming only, I doubt it will be worth the price. In order to have proper out-of-house play you will need 5G connectivity, which will require you to a. live in an area with good 5G coverage (which I don't), and b. pay for a 5G phone plan that is separate from the one you are already paying for on your phone, since most modern 5G plans don't allow piggybacking as far as I know. The lack of native playback will lower the cost as they can get by with the kind of smartphone chipset you can find in a $50 phone, but even then the cost of the weaker smartphone chipset plus a large 1080p screen and a decent sized battery and the haptics and adaptive triggers of PS5 will all likely result in a price tag of at least $200 I'm guessing, and then the need to pay for a 5G phone plan on top of that. Not for me at least.