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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - When will the Switch Successor launch (2023 version)


When will the Switch Successor release

Q1-Q2 2023 3 2.75%
Q3 2023 1 0.92%
Q4 2023 4 3.67%
Q1 2024 21 19.27%
Q2 2024 12 11.01%
Q3 2024 9 8.26%
Q4 2024 26 23.85%
Q1-Q2 2025 20 18.35%
Q3-Q4 2025 8 7.34%
Never or at a later date ... 5 4.59%

Probably one of the biggest topics that will dominate Nintendo sites, YouTube channels, forums, and videogame stores over the next year is when we will see Nintendo's follow-up to their smashing hit, the Nintendo Switch.  The Switch will be heading into its 7th year on March 3, 2023 and whether the sales of the Switch continue to decline slowly, dramatically, or reverse trends and shoot up once again, there is no doubt that a new machine is in the works.

So when will we see this fabled device?  Let's all put our collective minds together and see what quarter our little corner of the internet believes to be the home of the launch of the next Nintendo console/handheld/hybrid/whatever.  This poll does not include a revision or a Switch Pro.  If you believe that Nintendo will just iterate on the Switch your answer would be never or date further than expressed by this poll.

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Q1 2025

Hopefully by june. I can't play the next zelda if it's not in 60 fps..

KratosLives said:

Hopefully by june. I can't play the next zelda if it's not in 60 fps..

Look up Ryujinx.

March 2024

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Between November 2024 and March 2025.

The only collective agreement most will share is that the Switch 2 or Super Switch will not release this current(new) year.

Otherwise, I'll repeat myself from last year and say it is coming later than most hope for. This is a launch for the end of 2024 or early 2025.

Though ... It's Nintendo, we could always get surprised by an out of left field move

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Q1 2024 seems to be the most likely window... With Q4 2023 being the other to capitalise on Holiday sales.

But Nintendo does, what Nintendo does.

The Switch is rapidly showing it's age and is in need of a reboot/refresh, despite strong sales.

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People that think it's coming this year are insane. The Switch is still beating the PS5 and XBS. The earliest will be march 2024


Still hoping for a Holiday 2025 launch (with a Switch Pro-like model launching with TOTK and maybe a price drop in 2024 as one last hurrah), but I also wouldn't be too surprised at a 2024 launch (preferably during the holidays). If we get no new Switch model this year then I would say that greatly increases the chance of a successor in 2024.

I highly doubt we get a successor this year though and I really hope we don't get a successor this year!