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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lets have a discussion: Multiple sources say SONY's next big grab is Square Enix.

Recently Square Enix sold off their western division pretty much and they gave a very dumb reason for doing so. A.I. and Blockchain nonsense. Even without this rumor that just sounded stupid. Lets say that it is true; Why would SE sell off all those developers at such a dirt cheap price if they want to invest more in costly tech? They basically said I want to sell my $20,000 car for $5000 to invest in another car for $50,000!? Answer is clear they wanted to get rid of them quickly. It is not about money. They sold them off for pretty what they lost in developing those Marvel games and called it a wrap. 

This could all be wrong but lets assume this is true: What are your thoughts on this? I prayed that our Japanese developers stayed out of this shit. I cannot foresee how this will positively effect our industry going forward. There are just some developers that I believe have no business being under one of the big 3 and SE is waaaay up there. I am curious to see what SE is going to get out of this. Maybe a deal like Bungie? I don't know why but there is something super slimy about SONY owing Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts. 

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I don't think that's happening when SE just lessened their value.

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I'd be fine with that. Square Enix have sucked as a dev/publisher for their entire existence. Maybe being a part of Sony will actually get them to make good games again like they did when they were still called Squaresoft. Probably not, but eh, it's not like they could realistically get any worse.

For me, it wouldn't even seem like that big a deal. For one, I always buy every system anyway, so exclusives aren't a problem. For two, I will forever think of FF as a Playstation franchise anyway. I mean yeah, I was a kid when it was on the first two Nintendo consoles, but for some reason, Playstation still feels like its home to me. I guess the PS1 and PS2 games just drove that so deep into my subconscious that it seems natural, or something.

I'm by no means an expert on how major acquisitions are handled, but perhaps it can be reasoned that Eidos studios and IP's selling for as cheap as they did is a result of Sony offering to buy SquareEnix at a very high price with the condition of SE quickly selling their western studios so Sony can bypass some FTC complications.

I think it's only a matter of time before Sony starts gobbling up a few Japanese studios (Arc System Works, Kojima Productions, and FromSoftware are other candidates). Then again, the FTC giving Microsoft trouble might have the exact opposite effect of Sony trying to pick up big studios or publishers.

If this does go through, I don't think Nintendo fans have much to worry about. SE could remain semi-autonomous and these smaller 2D/HD2D games, ports, and remasters, will continue releasing on Nintendo platforms, except they wouldn't be exclusive anymore. The few Xbox fans who care about SquareEnix stuff will probably get screwed worse than they already are. And PC will remain king.

I can see DQ12 going timed exclusive on PS5 before getting ported to PC and Switch 2, but even this is unlikely.

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Well, I don't believe it until it's done, but it would be contrary to recent PlayStation studio investments given that they were more interested in buying western studios.
It's important for Sony to secure Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy installments for PlayStation though, since both brands are heavily bonded with the PlayStation community.
It would make sense for PlayStation. But it's highly a waste of money, since Sony doesn't gain that much benefit unless Microsoft tries to buy Square too and steal these IPs away.

Couldn’t care less, haven’t been a Final Fantasy player since my teenager days. And now that they have shed their studios that make games I do play, meh.

I’d imagine people who primarily use Switch wouldn’t like it though.

Not happening lol.

And if it does happen, then Dragon Quest should stay multiplat or it'll die and then hopefully Nintendo would poach Asano from them so that he can continue making these great RPGs.

I can see the logic in Square-Enix sizing down to make themselves purchaseable for Sony, but I don't see why Sony would want to buy Square-Enix outright. Over the years S-E has been loyal to Sony and always open for moneyhats, and there's nothing on the horizon that indicates that this will change. Series like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts don't sell much on Xbox in comparison to PS while they aren't coming to the Nintendo console by default, so the mere continuation of moneyhats for marketing rights and the like would be sufficient for Sony. The only thing of real value is Dragon Quest, because that IP does appear on Nintendo consoles. But that alone would not justify the baggage of other mismanaged games that Square-Enix brings with it.


With Sony banking hard on live service games in the foreseeable future (allegedly ten live service games planned for release by the end of 2025), they could be looking at the cash cow Final Fantasy XIV. That's how a Square-Enix purchase could fit into Sony's overall strategy and it's something that is commonly overlooked on a forum like this where there are barely any MMORPG fans. I didn't think of this angle either, it only came to me after I had almost finished my first paragraph.

Games-wise, a Square-Enix purchase by Sony wouldn't change all that much. The PC would continue to get games because Sony is looking more into that space already anyway. The Xbox playerbase hasn't shown enough interest in S-E titles to conclude that it would be a big loss for the Xbox library. The only significant damage would be that Nintendo loses out on Dragon Quest and a few minor titles in a future, but at least for the minor titles it's possible that some S-E staff leaves studios to form a new one that works together with Nintendo; that's something that has happened before, so it can happen again.

In any case, Square-Enix being bought by Sony wouldn't be as earth-shattering as Microsoft buying Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard, because S-E is already most prominent in sales on PS. I give this 50/50 odds of happening, because in the current age of inflation big companies feel inclined to spend money on assets even more than usual.

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At this point is looks very likely Sony is buying them, they did sell ther western assets, they got rid of it asap, it's clear a japanese take out is happening soon.
I don't know what to think about it, I didn't want Square to be bought.
FF is going to be full exclusive, DQ... I dunno, for one side it would be stupid to take it from those nintendo fans, for another that might just be what Sony needs to push itself back on the japanese market, it should not affect the PS5 at all, but it opens way for the PSP3... that I'm not even sure Sony wants to do to begin with.
Maybe a Switch-like side console that's all digital with a Series S-like power downgrade that is still able to play all PS5 games? Don't sound realistic tho.
Anyway, this major companies buying spree is just sad.