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Recently Square Enix sold off their western division pretty much and they gave a very dumb reason for doing so. A.I. and Blockchain nonsense. Even without this rumor that just sounded stupid. Lets say that it is true; Why would SE sell off all those developers at such a dirt cheap price if they want to invest more in costly tech? They basically said I want to sell my $20,000 car for $5000 to invest in another car for $50,000!? Answer is clear they wanted to get rid of them quickly. It is not about money. They sold them off for pretty what they lost in developing those Marvel games and called it a wrap. 

This could all be wrong but lets assume this is true: What are your thoughts on this? I prayed that our Japanese developers stayed out of this shit. I cannot foresee how this will positively effect our industry going forward. There are just some developers that I believe have no business being under one of the big 3 and SE is waaaay up there. I am curious to see what SE is going to get out of this. Maybe a deal like Bungie? I don't know why but there is something super slimy about SONY owing Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts.