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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lets have a discussion: Multiple sources say SONY's next big grab is Square Enix.

Teno said:

Well, I don't believe it until it's done, but it would be contrary to recent PlayStation studio investments given that they were more interested in buying western studios.
It's important for Sony to secure Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy installments for PlayStation though, since both brands are heavily bonded with the PlayStation community.
It would make sense for PlayStation. But it's highly a waste of money, since Sony doesn't gain that much benefit unless Microsoft tries to buy Square too and steal these IPs away.

Sony could very well increase their yearly revenue and operating profit by billion(s) with the acquisition and integration of Square Enix.

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Sad if true because that means no more SE games on Nintendo and Xbox.

Also no releases on PC unless its a late release (though I hope this changes as Playstation ports are looking like its more common and sought after).


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Mnementh said:

As Sony Interactive entertainment is an american company that in recent ears focused on western games, I doubt the start to gobble up japanese studios. SIE recently reduced their japanese development capacities, this would be counterproductive if they want to expand. I can see them taking studios close to them (Kojima) and strategic IPs (which is why Square or Capcom would be possibilities), but I don't think they care at all for all these smaller devs like Arc Systems, From, NIS or Falcom.

Yeah, if Sony is looking towards Japan for potential M&A, it will be a massive publisher like Square or Capcom. 

I could see Finsl Fantasy being a Sony franchise, but Dragon Quest is much more at home on Nintendo platforms. And these days, Dragon Quest is their best franchise. 

Doubtful Square Enix Management is pretty focussed on NTF and Blockchain. I doubt they want interference from PlayStation.

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I would have thought Square Enix would have been a more attractive buy for Sony with Crystal Dynamics included so they could get their major PS1 systems sellers in Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider franchises elusive to them going forward.

I think Square-Enix would've kept the other Western studios if they were lining up for a sale like this. Also think if Sony does this, it's just a matter of time until Microsoft buys one of the major Japanese studios like Capcom as a response.

While I think Sony getting Square Enix makes sense. The fact that there are rumors circulating about a potential acquisition makes me think that it's all BS, especially considering previous acquisitions we heard nothing about them before being announced.

Kyuu said:

FFXIV was actually the first thing to pop in my head, as it is far and away SE's biggest title, and it seems to fit into Sony's new approach on GaaS/MP games. Guess I don't qualify since I'm one of the few big FFXIV fans 'round here :P

But I'm of the opinion that FFXIV is about to reach its peak if it hadn't already. It's essentially a downgraded PS3 MMO, the visual upgrades its receiving soon will not mask its inherent flaws. Pretty crazy to me that it's still going strong.

Moneyhatting is kinda all the more reason for Sony to acquire SquareEnix. It shows how much they still care about their content. Rather than moneyhatting them for say a dozen titles over the generation, why not acquire them and make the money back through the new added revenue stream? Constant moneyhatting is shortsighted if you got the resources to buy the entire company, which is pretty much a gigantic moneyhat in anything but name, efficiency, and control. They'd retain the option to sell them later down the road if things didn't go as well as they hoped.

They can choose to keep everything exactly as it is and still benefit greatly in the long run. And... they can choose to make more games exclusive to push console sales when production exceeds demand. Having complete control and 100% the revenue streams is more effective than moneyhatting. To top it off, there is always the threat of another platform holder buying them, or the SE management pulling a Konami.

But yeah, it's certainly nowhere near the level of Zenimax acquisition as far as pushing console sales, let alone Activison Blizzard. Didn't really calculate it in mind but I'd argue that removing Bethesda's games off Playstation may affect more PS players than removing ALL Capcom/SquareEnix/FromSoftware (okay maybe not Elden Ring) games combined from Xbox would affect Xbox players. So yes, it'd be a pretty tame acquisition in that sense.

Well, you didn't mention Final Fantasy XIV in the post that preceded mine, so it really looked like nobody was thinking about it.

FF XIV should remain strong for a while longer, because I think there isn't any serious competitor in the making right now. It's even likely that the only game that will replace FF XIV as the go-to MMORPG is its sequel that runs on a more modern engine, so Final Fantasy XVII or whatever S-E chooses to call it.

I am not convinced that buying S-E outright is more profitable than targeted moneyhats in the long run. Many of S-E's big projects suffer from mismanagement that results in development times much longer than their original target, and being under the safe umbrella of SIE may lead to even more prolonged development times because there's less financial pressure to deliver on time.

As for the threat of another platform holder buying them, there's really only Microsoft who would do it, but I doubt they would want to ruin the goodwill they've been able to build in the past few years. Acquiring Square-Enix would put them right back in the place of being the soulless corporation that buys things to lock them away from other platform's fanbases. There's a reason why Microsoft has been so ambigious in response to the question whether PS will lose access to Call of Duty and the like. And the other threat - SE pulling a Konami - is simply unrealistic. Konami has always been a company about more than video games, so video games have not been their core business like it is the case for S-E. The biggest threat that I see is that S-E makes self-destructive business decisions with the pursuit of blockchains and the like, which would devalue the IPs that they have.

Like I said, I put the odds for an acquistion at 50/50. There are reasons why it can make sense for both Sony and Square-Enix, but there are also good reasons for why it is a redundant/unnecessary buyout.

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