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    Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society - (May 31st Update In Progress! See Links at Top of OP!)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 April 2019

    Added Silence and State of Mind physical. Hob the Definitive Edition and Yoku's Island Express digital....

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    Why NON Nintendo games prices go down so fast

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2018

    Actually, I prefer Nintendos way a lot. Because I buy games on launch then. I think it sucks to buy a game for $60 and three months later the price drops to $20. What is the reason to buy the game on launch then? It's always easy to wait with a gigantic backlog like mine. I've stopped buying games on other platforms almost entirely and beside Blizzard games on Pc, I get everything else for free...

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    Where are you from?

    in General Discussion on 23 December 2018

    I'm from Germany, Hamburg ;D...

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    Among the big Japanese publishers, is Nintendo the least creatively risk-averse?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 December 2018

    I think Nintendo often takes more risks in terms of gameplay and hardware because they don't follow industry standards, which is also a major weakness. On the other hand, I think there is a major difference in hiring staff since they often tend to hire designers and non-gamers to make games. Companies that hire game fans of their previous works tend to stagnate and usually end up improving or...

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    What Nintendo Switch games are you excited for next year?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 December 2018

    1. Fire Emblem Three House 2. Town 3. Bayonetta 3 4. Daemon X Machina 5. Luigis Mansion 3 6. Crash Team Racing or Sonic Team Racing 7. Animal Crossing 8. Trials Rising 9. Travis Strikes Again 10. Metroid Prime 4 11. Metroid Prime Trilogy 12. Pokemon 2019 0. Pikmin 4 On the fence: Digimon Surivive, Doom Eternal, Tales of Vesperia or Sword Art Online (or Persona 5...

    Write 63

    Smash Ultimate doesn't feel very casual friendly

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 December 2018

    Thank god. I'm not the only one. Played Melee, Brawl and Wii U and I need to challenge many at least twice in Ultimate. Took me three tries to unlock Pit. I unlock most of them in classic mode while playing characters I'm not used to, isn't helpful at all....

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    2019: Switch starts feeling like a Nintendo handheld

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 December 2018

    The Switch will always lean a little bit more towards handhelds than proper consoles. But that isn't as bad as people might think. We are not going to see every major third-party title in 2019 or 2020. A few ports and even less by the time the next generation arrives. But we'll see almost all Indies, more second party and creators of handheld games evolving around Switch and experimenting with...

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    Will "next generation" have a mid-upgrade like PRO and X?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 December 2018

    The next Xbox should be branded in the following format Xbox ꝏ...

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    Pokémon: Let's Go Reviews! Metacritic - 81(Pikachu)/81(Eevee) OpenCritic - 82

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 November 2018

    Actually this spinoff is made for me. So glad I picked it up. While I think a higher difficulty mode and trainer level scaling could do a lot for this game, I love the catch mechanic. I'm usually buying Pokemon every two years (the last two entries I bought have been sun and Y). But all those random fights and the way of catching Pokemon doesn't felt good anymore. It's dumb grind and I can't...

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    Nintendo president: More focus on Online play, DLC for existing games, and no more new game announcements left for 2018

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 November 2018

    More online => what happened today in the smash direct: please buy an ethernet adapter for a stable online connection. It's 2018 and your company is selling a damn hybrid that will be used portable. Are you kidding me?...

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    Nintendo Switch 2019 release schedule

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 October 2018

    I think Bayonetta 3 is very likely and other second party titles like Shin Megami Tensei V, Yokai Watch 4, Daemon X Machina or Professor Layton. Oh and Town, the new game from game freak, has been announced for 2019 as well....

    Write 73

    New Nintendo Switch Trailer Celebrates Over 1,000 Games For System

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 October 2018

    Yeah the library is really incredible. Of cause some might argue, it's garbage, but those comments are mostly garbage, too. There are certain perspectives, I usually consider and I don't like to rate games to begin with. In my opinion for almost 70-80% of all released games on Switch there is a market. Even if those titles aren't million sellers. Personally inlcuding first party I own 40 Switch...

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    Why is the Switch still not getting big games from 3rd parties? October edition

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 October 2018

    I think people expect way too strong, that all triple A titles need to be available on Nintendo systems. All initial Wii U ports flopped. Not only because the console didn't sell, but also because those that already care for other franchises usually have their go to platform. They already own a gaming pc, xbox one or playstation 4 and the only advantage and reason to port games onto the Switch...

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    Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society - (May 31st Update In Progress! See Links at Top of OP!)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 October 2018

    Had another huge impact for local coop today and bought next to Mario Party (I know it does'nt count): Overcooked 1 and Overcooked 2....

    Write 3063

    Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society - (May 31st Update In Progress! See Links at Top of OP!)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 October 2018

    Added Starlink Battle for Atlas, Okami HD, The World Ends with You - Final Remix...

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    Is Nintendo Switch really a success?

    in Sales Discussion on 06 October 2018

    Exhibit A - Switch is the successor to both the Wii U and 3DS, and it's selling slower than its predecessors / It isn't Nintendo Switch is Nintendos new core system and unifying console and mobile business in a way, while they invest in mobile gaming on iOS and Android. This will be the real 3DS successor. The Switch had no price cuts like the 3DS and is selling fine. The Switch is Nintendos...

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    Lets count $$$ Nintendo makes per person for its paid online?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 September 2018

    I heavily doubt Nintendo will reach 10 million subscribers. I believe in 3-5 million this year. Just too many don't care for online that much on Switch....

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    Nintendo Did Not Learn Anything from the Wii U's Failure.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 September 2018

    Wow what is this thread? Nintendo has no games? Really? Sry, but people that blame Nintendo should think about the type of support they're asking for? Smash, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario, Splatoon and Zelda releasing yearly, because they are their biggest ips? That's a nightmare from my perspective. We have right now Fire Emblem Three Houses, Yoshis Crafted World, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros....

    Write 3063

    Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society - (May 31st Update In Progress! See Links at Top of OP!)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 September 2018

    Got Bad North recently....

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    Update: Latest rumor shows casting for a white Ciri | Original: Netflix looking for non-white actress to play Ciri in the Witcher tv series

    in Movies Discussion on 08 September 2018

    I think it's nonsense. I don't have issues usually with those things, but when it comes to movies/series based on books, it should follow the narrative. Especially for main characters. On the other hand I see those issues of European fantasy worlds, which include minorities only as foreign nations far away. But those are also cultural differences. In British and French literature, it's a lot more...

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