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Who did it better in their prime?

Rare LTD 30 45.45%
Blizzard ENT 36 54.55%

Battle of the titans. Here we go. Which of these two companies dominated genres in their Prime. (Key words, In their prime) Who did it better.

Rare and Blizzard go back a fair fit in the history of gaming when Rare were known as Ultimate Play the Game back in 1985 while Blizzard were known as Silicon & Synapse Inc back in 1991 than changed to Chaos Studios Inc in 1993. Both later changed their brand to Rare Limited and Blizzard Entertainment

These companies took the world by storm by not only releasing quality games across the generations, but they defined and conquered multiple genres, something you don't see much of these days by one developer. Modern gaming companies stick to their strengths and specific genres that work for them while Rare and Blizzard will venture out into other genres and not only compete with the best, but become equally the best in the field if not the best in what they delivered. Nintendo are the only ones that come to mind when it comes to delivering that same notion. Special mention to Valve, they recreate the wheel with every FPS game they make. From Counter Strike, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Half Life 1 and 2 and Half Life: Alyx all did things that changed the industry.

Lets get started with the lists wars between these two historic giants. The game series mentioned below are not just ordinary releases, they were at the time, game changes in terms of innovating and technology used. 

Platformer -  Donkey Kong Country, Banjo Kazooie, Conker BFD

Beat'em Up - Battlestoads

FPS - Goldeneye, Perfect Dark

Fighter - Killer Instinct

Kart Racer - Diddy Kong's Racing

GaS - Sea of thieves


RTS - Warcraft, Starcraft

MMO - World of Warcraft

FPS - Overwatch

Card Game - Hearthstone

Action RPG - Diablo

Side Scroller - Blackthorne

Racer - Rock n' Roll Racing

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As far as industry changing games....

Has to be blizzard. War craft was big for the rts genre and mmo... Then starcraft came along and did it again.

Not to mention Dota began as a war craft mod, helping usher in a new gaming genre. While blizzard didn't do it, they created the tools and resources so that someone could. Hell, dota had a even more basic version of some sort in StarCraft too if I recall correctly...

Diablo... Probably their best ip imo also was pretty industry changing.

I'll say that donkey Kong also was very impactful but didn't really help spawn a new genre. Just massively improved the existing formula.

Goldeneye though showed that console fps could work, perfect dark built on that and was a much more refined experience.

Have to give it to blizzard though.