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Not a sequel but I'd love a remake of fallout new vegas. Obsidian made that masterpiece in 18 months, imagine what they could do with their resources now!

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Half Life 3 has always been a dream for me however it has been so long now I don't know if it could live up to expectations lol

Another underrated franchise was Freelancer. I can only imagine how awesome a sequel would look visually with all the graphical enhancements since the first game come out.



Did I say Astral Chain 2 already? I probably did.
I repeat Astral Chain 2. I'll keep dreaming.

And also a certain game that will take the world by storm in May. A dream come true.

Snake Pass is one of the most underrated hidden gems I have ever played. You play as a snake named Noodle. And your best friend is a little bird called Doodle. What is there not to love. David Wise for the music. Absolute top atmosphere. Cute design. But that is far from all: it is perhaps the most innovative 3d platformer since forever with no enemies and a character that cannot jump! You just slither and have to wrap yourself around stuff to climb up. It is hard at first but super rewarding once you learn the controlls. Most unique and at the same time perfect feelings of controlling a character.

My dream sequel: more of it. It was just so good. Probably my game of the year the year it came out. Different snakes perhaps. Some more open sections. Perhaps a hub-world. More engaging story. But these suggestions all feel superfluous. The first game was perdection.

I'd like a Valkyria Chronicles 5. Or a new Sakura Wars SRPG.

A new Ultima made by Larian, CD Projekt, or perhaps Bandai Namco.

Lunar 3.

A new Kid Icarus.

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My dream sequel would be a continuation of the Metroid Prime series.

Drop the tank controls, opt into fps controls. Seamless huge environments. I want a Halo CE game with Metroid mythos and traversal. Give samus vehicles and federation troops to support the fire fights. She would use her power ups in large areas! Imagine the super dash and spin jump possibilities.

Eliminate the double jump, opt for high jump. Last but should be first. 5(!) missiles to open red doors.

I finally got one of my dream sequels with Sonic Mania. Other sequels I'd love to see includes Legacy of Kain, Ninja Gaiden 4, Half-Life 3, Portal 3, and Quake 5.

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Super Mario RPG 2 or a new Chrono game that plays more like Chrono Trigger than Cross (doesnt matter if its 3D).

Super Mario Odyssey 2

I know they never release sequels to their 3D Mario games (besides Galaxy 2), but still

TheTitaniumNub said:
Jumpin said:

Crom! I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. Grant us this game. All that matters is gathering the development resources and a clear and strong vision to make this game: one rich in content, one smooth with the polish of a Polish dev studio. All these years so many have waited… have died while waiting. Grant us this request. If you do not listen, then to HELL with you!


Greatest comment ever lol, but man, you know how well that world would work for that kind of game? I am a diehard Conan fan, beyond the movie! The novels and comics are great, so so so much source material, it's crazy! I recommend the original 1930s Robert E. Howard short stories if you've never read them, great stuff, by Crom!

Forgot to mention, yes, I’ve read the Conan collections by Robert E. Howard (I have a collection right here with me starting with the Hyborian Age essay. It was possibly the last actual paper books I ever bought that wasn’t a coffee table book or for the purpose of getting an author autograph) as well as those by Robert Jordan (how I got into the books back when I was a kid). I’ve not read the comics before, but I’m aware of them and will probably seek them out at some point.

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