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JuliusHackebeil said:
gtotheunit91 said:

Warcraft 4. I'm a huge RTS fan, and I had spent soooooooo much time playing Warcraft 3 for years. Unfortunately, WoW took all the spotlight for so long that the Warcraft franchise has been an MMORPG longer than it was an RTS. Plus the pile the crap that was WC3: Reforged, and knowing now that Blizzard will forever be dead to me.

Since I never tried any Warcraft-stuff, I want to ask: Is there a narrative continuation between Warcraft 1-3 and wow? Are these even the same universes, timelines, dimensions? And are these games even about story aswell? (I have a friend who told me quite some stuff about WoW, so I know there is a sort of story.) And than, would Warcraft 4 take place after WoW? Or in between, or before?

What would the narrative be about? Or are you not really looking for that in a game like this?

Oh yes!!! There's been epic stories and characters from Warcraft 1-3 that continued their storylines in WoW. Warcraft had the story layout of Starcraft where you played the campaign as both the Horde and the Alliance, which continued when WoW released where you get to choose a side. 

It is all part of one big continuing narrative though. For example, in Warcraft 3

one of the protagonists, Prince Arthas, begins his decline into turning evil and by the end of the story, he becomes the Lich King. Which his story continues in the second WoW expansion titled, Wrath of the Lich King. 

There's several other examples of characters that started in the original trilogy that continued their stories in WoW. 

So Warcraft 4 would definitely take place after WoW eventually ends lol which who knows when that will be.

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A sequel to Freedom Fighters!

The list could be endless, so I will just do one for the most unlikely.

Dynasty Tactics 3.

Dynasty Tactics 2 was quite the satisfying game. If they just made 3 with more of the same, I would love it. Or if they improved upon the map conquering and added more officers and more armys to manage etc, that would be perfect too.

Does Persona 6 count as a "Dream Sequel" ? We all know it's happening, just a matter of when. Aside from that, I'd like to see a sequel to Lost Odyssey, Tales From the Borderlands, and Days Gone.

Start Citizen 2: The Andromeda Galaxy.
A true dream sequel, keep on dreaming!

My Dream sequel would be a Team ICO game made for PSVR 2.0 with all that made ICO, SotC and TLG great.

GTA 6 based on photogrammetry data. Take something like blackshark AI (used for FS2020) to work on all major cities that have photogrammetry data available (3D cities on Google maps) to clean it up and make procedurally generated real cities. Choose your city to play in and all the stories and missions will be procedurally placed inside the chosen city based on meta data for each city (where/what everything is) This is all prepared in the cloud. While playing you stream data from the cloud like FS2020 or pre-download the city you want to play in.

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Super Mario RPG (Paper Mario does not count), Hybrid Heaven, Legend of Dragoon (*sigh), Jade Cocoon, Eternal Darkness, Kagero: Deception II, and Wild Arms

Maybe DK64 and Wario Land, too. Boo to the Wario Ware series.

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Jpcc86 said:

Suikoden VI

Damn, I totally forgot this series. It's almost, what, ten years since?

JuliusHackebeil said:
QUAKECore89 said:

Legacy of Kain 5
Blood 3
The Darkness III
Alice 3
Quake 5
Crash 5
Spyro 4
Ninja Gaiden 4
Wario Land 6
F-Zero FX or F-Zero GTX or F-Zero RTX or F-Zero RX
Deus Ex 5
Fighting Force 3
Akuji The Heartless 2
F.E.A.R. 4
Brutal Legend 2
Unreal Championship 3
Jet Set Radio 3
Jade Empire 2
Warcraft 4
Starcraft 3
Snowblind 2
Prototype 3
Virtua Fighter 6
Bulletstorm 2
Dishonored 3
Crysis 4
Heretic (reboot)
Strife 2
Omikron 2
SiN (reboot)
Battlefield Bad Company 3

What a list! Can't say that I have played a lot of them, but to pick just one or two that I know a bit about:

How would your ideal crash 5 look like? Multiple playable characters like in 4? Whos gonna be the villain? Is their a main theme? Is it going to be as brutally hard as some sections of part 1? Are we gonna get a playable backstory to how the masks came about?

I could really see a new Dishonered to break with the established aesthetic a bit and go scifi. Dishonered with augmentations like in Deus Ex. Could be something.

Crash 5. Hmm yeah, more brutal levels, third new original playable character and original villain character.(I wonder who!)

Dishonored 3. I kinda would love to see solo Convo Attano backstory in current settings what's gonna happen next chapter. :D

Ring Of Red 2. Firstly I would make the 20 odd minute battles able to be paused or saved, secondly the different troops that accompany your mech in the first game while adding another layer, the games lack of game play options tied to their use and no pathway to continue using and upgrade those that survive the previous battle means their potential is wasted, so I would add RPG elements like class based skill trees for the surviving troopers medics etc and a replacement pool for those that sadly die.

Half-Life 3 

Shadow Hearts Covenant 2   

Pre Halo Reach Game

A Burnout game like the earlier games

Vagrant Story 2

Jade Empire 2

Mass Effect Andromeda 2

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Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot

Advanced V.G.3 - Yeah, it ended quite well in Advanced V.G.2, but a third game would be great. Maybe even adding NEO characters.

Donkey Kong Country 4 - We need a TRUE sequel to the DKC trilogy. Maybe a miracle will happen and Rare teams up with Nintendo again. Maybe...

Breath of Fire 7 - Please, not as an online game!