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JuliusHackebeil said:
Dante9 said:

Yeah, the Red Alert branch was fun as well, why not?

If you haven't played the campaigns, why not get your hands on some type of machine that can let you play them? They should be cheap or even free to play by now.

Yeah, I can try. Perhaps I will even try my old PS1 with the original copy  of the game. Last I checked (2019) console still works fine.

Any recommendations other than the Red Alert PS1 game I already have? What is your favourite in the series?

Oh, it's all good except for Generals, that was a little boring and different somehow. And there's a couple of things that are not RTS, forget about those.

I would start from the beginning and work my way up, if you can get your hands on the older ones.

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Fade to Black Sequel
Metropolis Street Racer
Planet Harrier

A new yugioh tag force game
Magical starsign/vacation 3
Tales of the world: radient mythology 4
A "good" pokemon mystery dungeon, the last good one was explorers of sky.
Paper mario and the 1000 year door 2
Koikatsu 2
Spyro the dragon 4
Soul reaver 3
A new digimon adventure game
Hot wheels turbo racing 2

Pokemon coliseum 2

Shin megami tensei 6

Persona 6

Etrian mystery dungeon 2

Dragon ball fusions 2 

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Xenogears Ep 1-4 (prequels) ; Ep 6 (sequel) + EP 5 (remake) for Switch's successor with Monolith Soft working on them. 

Shining Force 4 or a localized remake/remaster of 3

Legend of Dragoon 2 or Prequel

Hades 2 set on Olympus

Mech Assault 3

Command and Conquer anything...maybe something to take 4 of existence

Shadow Complex 2

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Here are some more I came up with tonight.

Wacky Wario Bros.: Don't know if this would be a sequel per say or a standalone spin-off, but I know it'd at least be a 3D puzzle platformer like my previously mentioned "Wario's Wacky Worlds". It's also time Waluigi is finally used for something other than just an Assist Trophy or some random idiot in Mario sports games. A big selling point for the game would be being able to pull off ridiculous but effective moves while playing as Wario and Waluigi, like Waluigi squishing Wario into a ball and throwing him, or Wario using Waluigi as a sort of slingshot to spring them both across large gaps. Don't know exactly what the plot would be, but it would probably be Wario and Waluigi trying to burglarize lavish castles or raid ancient ruins for treasure, while meeting opposition from more heroic characters from both the Mario and Wario franchises, such as Toads trying to get the duo out of Peach's castle, or Mad Scienstein trying to protect valuable artifacts in a museum. There would also be some stealth aspects, such as Wario and Waluigi shutting down security cameras, or using the smell of rancid garlic to drive away security forces. Wario and Waluigi would also have to find ways to get their desired loot without setting off zany booby traps set up by whoever's protecting each level's treasure, and. There would be at least 12 levels overall, but each level would take on average an hour to complete at 100%. The game would end with Wario and Waluigi thinking they've won, only to accidentally fall for a trap by the police and end up in jail, arguing over who got them caught.

Super Princess Peach 2: Too many people forget that Princess Peach once had her own successful spin-off platformer, so why not bring out a long overdo sequel to remind them? The crisis at hand would be a somewhat more distressing jump from the story of the first game, with Mario and Luigi having been badly beaten and left in traction by Bowser, and Peach taken right to Bowser's castle, where she's locked in a dungeon until she agrees to marry Bowser. Peach, however, manages to escape the castle, and finds herself on the run from Bowser and his cronies. After escaping, she reunites with Perry, who decides to help the princess again without hesitation. Eventually, we'd finally get some closure on Perry, learning who the two goons were that attacked him and his grandfather in the incident that had Perry turned into an umbrella, and reunite Perry with his grandfather after all this time. Said grandfather could even be made into a helpful ally to Peach and Perry in this new adventure. Meanwhile, the two villains who turned Perry into an umbrella are now working for Bowser to try and bring Princess Peach back to Bowser's castle, and near the end of the game Peach would be able to give them the ass kicking they deserved after all these years. The gameplay would be the same as the original Super Princess Peach, but replace the infamous Vibe mechanics with something that comes off as less controversial, like Peach utilizing elemental magic to fight enemies and solve puzzles (Air element to help her fly, fire element to melt ice, etc.). Also, no microphone to worry about.

Kid Icarus Uprising 2: This would be a sequel to a game that had a lot of potential but was held back by the lack of a second stick on the system it was released for. Also, one that's not afraid to be darker than before, but not so dark that it looses it's sense of humor. Pit is called to action by Palutena when a brand new threat emerges to wreak havoc across the world. What exactly? Not sure, but it would somehow be a bigger threat than Hades and Medusa combined. Said threat would even establish itself very quickly, although in a way that's cathartic to most familiar with her actions in the previous game, buy squeezing Viridi's neck until she dies from suffocation. This, combined with many innocents killed by this new villain's actions, motivate Pit and his allies even further. The villain's motivation wouldn't be clear at first, but overtime we'd learn that tragic circumstances lead them to becoming a vicious fiend spreading death and agony across the galaxy. In their final battle with Pit, the villain realizes the error of his ways somehow, and would sacrifice themselves to stop something that'd destroy the universe. A happy ending at last, Viridi is even brought back to life, although still shaken by what happened to her before. The gameplay overall would be like it's predecessor, but instead of being on rails it'd be more open-ended, most likely recycling the Splatoon 2 engine. Pit would be able to overtime find new weapons and get new powers. Some characters from the previous game, such as Palutena or Magnus, become playable in both single-player and multiplayer.

EarthBound 2: I don't care what Shigesato Itoi says, there needs to be a new EarthBound/Mother game, and it has to be one that's way less bleak and ends on a happier note than Mother 3. By which I mean Porky gets what he deserves. The story would be about 15 to 20 years after EarthBound, centered around Ness' son or daughter, depending on what the player chooses, receiving a telepathic message warning them about an impending threat. The player finds that the threat they were warned of is Porky, on his way to becoming like what he became in Mother 3, and the Starmen are now under his command. Eventually the player, and their 7 friends that they recruit over the course of 16 chapters, that Porky was an unwitting puppet of the Starmen, who have been pushing him further and further down a path of hatred in order to turn him into Giygas' successor and destroy the Earth as revenge. Porky is then agonizingly transformed into a mindless beast resembling Giygas. The party is able to, despite the odds against them, defeat Porky, turning him back into a man, but he's too weakened from the fight and dies. The heroes part ways and return home, and that night the player gets another telepathic message from the future, this time thanking them. Said messenger reveals himself to be Haniwa from Mother 3. Gameplay would be the same as Mother 3, but expanded upon to add new mechanics, like choosing whether or not to fight certain enemies barehanded, which can be effective against any enemies that aren't poisonous, on fire, or covered in sharp objects.

Custom Robo Revival: With Virtual On's latest entry being exclusive the PS4, and the last Custom Robo being released back in 2006/2007, we are in dire need of a new fast-paced mecha combat game. Custom Robo Arena ironically ended up being my favorite game in the franchise, which is why for me it's a must for a new Custom Robo to have the same soul as that one. The story would be a long time after Arena, but still has the more upbeat tone, rather than the unexpectedly dark world that Custom Robo for GameCube had. A good twist on the franchise formula would be that rather than being part of an evil organization or monstrous killing machines like Rahu or Hadron, the villains are petty jerks that overtime become worse, just not to the extent that they'd destroy most of humanity or unleash a Custom Robo that tries to kill everyone. After all the chaos in story mode is over, the villains are arrested for their actions, one of them even ending up paralyzed after all the trouble they caused, instead of just being killed like in past games. It's gameplay would build upon Custom Robo Arena, as well as giving the player more things to do with their robot and other characters outside of battle. One big improvement over the previous Custom Robo games would be that this one would let you choose different types of lower bodies for your robot (Bipedal, more than two legs, tank treads, etc.). Also, locking onto your opponent's robot is done with holding down a button, instead of being constantly aiming at the other robots regardless of where you are.

The Wacky Wario Bros. idea would be so fun. Stealthing around with them and the special moves you described - sign me up! A d heroic characters opposing the wacky duo. I would really love to see that. Ideas like this makes me wonder on what criteria games are greenlit to enter production. Is this just too daring? Or does nobody ever pitch out there stuff like that? We need way more wackyness!

Rise from the dead my thread! Because Ragnarök is upon us. -But in true Ragnarök fashion, I am going to subvert your expectations, because this post is about Uncharted, as was my original op.

In God of War Ragnarök you find Kvasir's poems, alluding to various playststion games. Among them is "Upon pursuing a place not marked on maps". Or "Uncharted" for short. In this poem it is stated at the very end: "If for you, the desire for thrills still lingers Be ready for anything, and strengthen your fingers."

I still think that Uncharted Cutting Loose with Cutter as a crazy protagonist could work. And I am certainly ready for anything. Most probably an Uncharted not made by NaughtyDog. But I like the franchise and am glad to get such a clear tease. A new Uncharted is approaching.

Do you guys still have more cool, out there dream sequel ideas?

Gradius 6
Super Mario RPG 2
Quackshot 2
Kid Chameleon 2

Xenogears 2 with the proper leadership team: Tetsuya Takahashi, Soraya Saga, Kunihiko Tanaka, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Yasuyuki Honne.

Masato Kato is optional, and only if they add someone like Takashi Tokita to work as a producer between him and Tetsuya Takahashi… because Kato did some things that seemed bad to Takahashi (like exposition dumps) and turned out to work out very well… but some of his stuff just turned out bad in Xenogears - like using inappropriate tracks for certain events, and overall just kind of wild unhinged writing in his spots that seemed strangely low quality compared to Saga and Takahashi’s work. However! With Takashi Tokita working above Kato, all the bad bad stuff gets filtered out, and all the “bad on paper” that turns out to be good gets distilled into brilliance.

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- Dino Crisis 4
- The Order 1886