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Forums - Sony Discussion - Kena: Bridge of Spirits reviews piling in + Why Sony?


Will you buy Kena?

Yes—I was always gonna buy it 22 50.00%
Yes—in light of the positive reviews 6 13.64%
Yes—when I can find a PS5 2 4.55%
No—I’m still not interested 13 29.55%
No—because reviews aren’t good enough 1 2.27%

8-10h is perfectly fine, isn't it?

Sony should indeed make more fuzz about it, I too forgot it released now. However, they should not buy the studio. It's way too early for that. Maybe they are a one trick pony.

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I just can't take a game seriously with any kind of cutesy cartoon art style. Does one have to take a game seriously? I do. So this is not my thing, but seems like a fine game otherwise and I hope it succeeds well and gives many people enjoyment. Maybe my kid could get into this.

I remember the studio talking about their next game being designed around PS5 specs. If the game finds commercial success, Sony is probably gonna try to acquire them at a reasonable price.

The game's production values are extremely high for a small team indie!

Nice to see good reviews for this game. I hope this means we can get more great stuff from this studio in the future.

Otter said:

Based on the game being delayed twice and the embargo lifting on review day I have a feeling the absence is more about the studio wanting to finish the game and not having promotional material ready in time.

I wouldn't be surprised also if their relationship with song isn't so rosy, sony are not behind the physical release of the game which is disappointing. But hopefully now they see they can deliver the goods, they offer the studio a lot more support. And yeah I'm definitely hoping for an acquisition here, give their next games all the budget & time they need.

I see kena actually outselling Returnals in its launch week alone

Well that's a given considering the price difference between the 2 games as well as the platform availability of each.

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The poll misses the option for me: yes, once it releases on a platform i own.

The game looks fine, the reviews seem to indicate gameplay is fine, so it overall seems like a perfectly fine game. Nothing ground breaking or new, but not everything has to be. Yeah, would try it out, if on a platform I own. For the time being it is a nice game for PS5 owners.

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So basically exactly what I thought. Good game, full of charm, bit shorter than a full retail game, a bit rudimentary in terms of mechanics but well-made.


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I agree. They could have shown the launch trailer during Sony's showcase and it's weird that they didn't. It made me question the reception this game would get based on the little amount of info dropped leading to launch, but I'm glad it's getting great reviews!

pitzy272 said:

Part 2 of thread:  Why has Sony seemingly sent this game out to die? It was very strangely absent from Sony’s recent PS5 showcase, but I was willing to forgive that, since I figured Sony would give the game a big marketing push leading up to launch. But, there’s been ZERO marketing from what I’ve seen. I actually forgot Kena was releasing tomorrow until I saw Kena articles from IGN and VGC, today. This is super disappointing on Sony’s part. What small developer will want to partner with Sony after seeing this severe lack of support?

It's still an indie game. They might not have thrown lots of money at the marketing, but they've been pushing it decently on social media.

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That was one game that I was very interested in the reveal, good to see it is being well reviewed, hopes it sells well as well.

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